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Barcelona, Spain 

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Overall: (2.6 from 5 reviews)
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Ages:2 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English Max Class Size:Unknown

St. George is a private British school, located in the upper area of Barcelona, which teaches since the age of two. Its classrooms include students of more than 40 different nationalities who, from day one, learn English with native teachers. For St. George the most important thing is to make the most of each student’s potential and to seek excellence so that they have all the tools that will allow them to stand out in their personal and professional lives.





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37 other schools in Barcelona

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EMI LANE, 2 years ago

great school great teachers very pleasant enviroment they get the best out of the students


Leen Yasser, 2 years ago



costas quan, a year ago

For us, the experience was overall disappointing. Brief summary: much of this project is superficial, offering a diluted academic experience. It is an expensive school that lacks quality training and experience for such a wide range of languages and academic levels. We spent two years here, and they were unable to handle so many different languages, levels and learning needs. My family's experience was marred by a complicated bullying situation that seriously affected my daughter's health and the Headmaster and teacher would not acknowledge, despite the intervention of a top specialist at St. Joan de Deu Children's Hospital, along with first-hand accounts from numerous children, and an excellent psychologist. Thanks to the latter who helped us to detect the source of the problem. No thanks to the school who treated us with much less kindness when we needed it the most. One of their school values, if I remember correctly. Perhaps most people who read this will think this would be a worst-case scenario. Every family has different priorities, every child has different needs, so to be fair, a best-case scenario is that your child will enjoy the low academic pressure, have fun, and learn some English along the way. Though any school with majority non-native speakers will find it difficult to reach native levels of grammar and pronunciation.


Maggie Burke, 3 years ago

Check your spelling or excellence on your advertisements on the buses of Barcelona. Personally I wouldn't send my child to a school that couldn't spell their advertisements correctly. How embarrassing!


Caroline Casanovas, a year ago

Low level of academics

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