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5 schools found in Copenhagen

Bjørn's International School 

4.8 from 8 reviews
Curriculum:Danish, English Primary Language:English
Age Range:6 to 16 Max Class Size:Unknown

Bjørn's International School  in Copenhagen is an independent international school with about 160 students from over 50 nations and an internationally qualified teaching staff. BIS students can be taught through English or Danish from 6 to 16 years. BIS is a member of E... Read More

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Rygaards International School 

3.6 from 7 reviews
Curriculum:English Primary Language:English
Age Range:4 to 16 Max Class Size:Unknown

The aim of Rygaards International School is to provide a sound education, in English, in order to enable students to return to their own national system, or continue at another international school. For both schools, particular emphasis is placed upon mutual understanding and respe... Read More

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Skt. Josef’s International School 

3.1 from 17 reviews
Curriculum:English Primary Language:English
Age Range:5 to 16 Max Class Size:24

Skt. Josef’s International School Copenhagen. Located just 25 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station in historic Roskilde, provides quality International education for children aged 5 to 16 (Year 1 to Year 11). Currently we have children of expatriates, children of mixed co... Read More

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Branca International Schools 

3.0 from 5 reviews
Curriculum:English Primary Language:English
Age Range:2 to 18 Max Class Size:Unknown

Branca International Schools is situated in Copenhagen, 16 km east of the center of København, in its own purpose-built facilities which opened in September 2000. Branca was the first international school in København for many years to build a fully equipped and modern facility f... Read More

Copenhagen, Denmark 
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