Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS)
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Seoul, South Korea 

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Ages:5 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:American Max Class Size:Unknown

Yongsan International School of Seoul is a warm, inclusive community of students, parents, and Christian educators. We welcome families and students of all religions and worldviews from more than 50 countries, providing a rich multicultural student experience anchored in the core principles of truth, excellence, and diversity. Within this nurturing, close-knit environment, a shared commitment to individual student success is fostered by a team of highly qualified, passionate faculty and staff who inspire a love of learning and unleash each student’s potential to achieve. It is an extraordinary educational experience that empowers students and prepares them to excel in college and beyond, anywhere in the world. Yongsan International School of Seoul was established as "a renowned, world class educational institution for the children of foreign investors in Korea" by the Korean Foreign Schools Foundation.





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20 other schools in Seoul

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Olegs Ilgis, a year ago

Yongsan International School of Seoul is one of the top international schools in Seoul for expats. Great facilities, experienced teachers and helpful administrative team.


Marie Tidoe, 10 months ago

This seems like a great school but are there any dorms near the school , how much is the school fee, do you teach different languages except for Spanish and French, what king of courses are there, if it’s your first time in Korea is there a way I can go to the school will the school pa for certain things and how do I transfer from a school in America to a school in Korea? My apologies if I asked to many questions but please try your best to answer. And also, what kind of after school activities do you have. Please list as many as you want and again my apologies if I asked too many questions.


Beyond TOI, 4 months ago

Very average school. Academics has got very little focus. Its ok to have focus on religion, but probably that's the only thing they are focused on here and little else. Its a church, not a school... google should change the category of this posting! Teachers are way too average and "artificial" in the way they present themselves... have seen them get basic spellings and 2 digit summations wrong in elementary school... and these weren't errors, they repeat those mistakes!

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