The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls (SZPAG) Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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4 to 18 English
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The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls (SZPAG) is an exclusive and highly successful school. We provide an environment where students flourish academically and socially in our rich, vibrant and happy community. We know that education transforms lives and our school inspires children to be curious learners, who are confident to think creatively, underpinned by values of honesty, integrity and a sense of social justice. Our teachers know their students well and encourage each student to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations. We want every student here to have the opportunity to learn about themselves, the world and to shape and develop the role they will play in the future. We are a busy, caring and supportive school which values praise, enjoyment, respect and honesty in all we do. A rich program of extra-curricular provision provides chances for the students to develop outside of the classroom, building their skills of confidence, teamwork and leadership. We develop young adults who leave the school with a secure sense of identity, tolerance and resilience. We create well-rounded, confident young women, who are ready and able to embrace the challenges and opportunities of adult life.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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Taif Alrayssi, 7 months ago

I’m in this school I am impressed how the school is ,with kind teachers, good teaching and good reputation


Shamma als, 2 months ago

This school is horrible I really don’t recommend it they only care about the money and that’s all we pay money and and still pay money for things and the teaching is not the best other schools are way better no fun activities it’s sooo strict everything is not allowed the make really big deals for the smallest things and it’s not fun no field trips in a year once or none even and the food is horrible so bad and not good quality it’s so bad I DONTTT RECOMMEND you will hate your life form this school plus they try making the school fun but it’s nott don’t come and waste your money


Roudha Almehairbi, 8 months ago

Most of the staff have a horrible relationship with the students. They treat students like children. This school also only cares about their reputation. The principle once made a racist comment, very unprofessional. THE WORST SECURITIES, THEY TOUCH STUDENTS IN AN INAPPROPRIATE WAY.


fatima alsuwaidi, 11 months ago

A school that only cares about their appearance and reputation


Sound Click, a year ago

It's very good School.

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