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Taylor’s International School Puchong (TIS) is the latest addition to the Taylor’s Education Group. It provides exceptional learning environments for children from Early Years to Secondary.

TIS offers a global learning experience based on the highly valued National Curriculum for England that leads to excellence in IGCSE qualifications. The School provides holistic learning with emphasis on character building that is grounded in the best of Eastern and Western values. In addition to that, our international curriculum also offers a strong foundation in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Continuing Taylor’s fine tradition of excellence in developing the nation’s youth into well-rounded and purposeful global leaders, ready to contribute and take their productive place in the global community, Taylor’s International School aims to be an exceptional international curriculum school in the neighbourhood. TIS Puchong offers not only a new blueprint for international educational excellence but also the advantages of a nurturing learning environment. 

The School is built with state-of-the-art facilities to provide a world-class learning environment for students. The large and open learning spaces with cutting-edge facilities are designed to inspire and stimulate the mind to new possibilities where the concept of learning is redefined. Learning takes place everywhere in the physical spaces and not confined to the classroom. The architectural of the Taylor’s International School Puchong campus is environmentally sustainable where it allows optimum natural lighting, encourages natural ventilation and minimizes solar radiation, providing a modern yet conducive learning environment. This environmentally friendly surrounding enables students to learn anywhere and at anytime with their teachers.

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5 Reviews of Taylor's International School Puchong (TIS)

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Overall 2.38
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
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Paul McManners, 02/02/2020 @ 16:45:34
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

Full disclosure, I was a Head of Department at Taylors for 2 year's but left early due to the horrendous conditions within the school. What I did not know when I accepted the job and arrived in Malyasia was that I was the third Head of Dept. in the past year!!! The turn over of staff is massive and most are unhappy. I must point out they are unhappy with the school management and owners, not the country. In fact everyone I knew spoke highly of the country. I stopped going into work after 5 months......yes it was that bad! The Principal also left at the end of the year along with myself and he only server half of his 3 year contract. He was told along with myself that he does not run the school and I do not run the department. It is 99.99% a local school with "international" built into the title, trust me it is not an international school. They hire good, well qualified staff as middle & senior managers as this makes the school look good!!! All managers have their hands tied and can not do the dynamic work needed to make the school better and benefit the students. An example to put things into perspective: to order resources it needed to go through 13 (thirteen) different people before it was ordered, totally pathetic. 58 days to get a simple demo. program installed on a laptop (even with a football team in the ICT support dept). The Head of English was told he was not allowed to purchase dictionaries. I myself could not buy glue sticks or scissors. All auxiliary staff would not do anything without permission from high above, even if it hurt the school. To put it in simple terms - I would not send my kids there or my enemies kids. Everyone who works there knows the management and owners (Chinese) will not let staff do what they do best. I have worked in several schools, but this was the first school that was "for profit", NEVER AGAIN. If you are a teacher thinking about working at TISP please please don't. I was lucky I managed to negotiate my way out of my contract and penalised the school badly (mainly because I had plenty of money, so the threat of not being paid if I did not turn up was fine with me). I could have stayed in the country for longer AND made the school pay my rent, but I just wanted to get as far away from TISP as possible for the sake of my health.

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Mayukh Dewan, 2 weeks ago

Fantastic school with fantastic facilities. excellent management and excellent facilities. i'm really happy with the school. the canteen is expensive for daily meals though.

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WanYi Liong, a year ago

This school is simply brilliant

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R3d Apple, a week ago

Not very accessible to public transport

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Lee Sandra, 8 months ago

Too many changes too often with teachers

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