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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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4 to 19 English
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Maplewood International School (MWIS) is a Canadian curriculum school delivering a high quality program to students from age 4 to 19. The school has full accreditation from Alberta Education which is the highest performing province in Canada. Canada consistently ranks in the top two or three countries in the world on international standardized testing programs. Students attending MWIS experience this high quality and receive an Alberta High School Diploma on graduation. This diploma is rated highly desirable in terms of accessing post secondary institutions around the world. By offering reduced tuitions and the introduction of trilingual education (English, French, Arabic) for the 2019/20 school year, the school becomes one of the highest value for money private schools in the UAE.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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Rasha IAO, 4 months ago

What I love about the place is the friendly atmosphere which reminds me of the schools in Canada. I even like the way that they build students character and emphasize on applied sciences.


Mohammed Hany Mohammed Saeed Alsaadi, 3 months ago

its very nice school if you hate something called school come to Maple wood and you will change your mind


muhammed shafeek, 4 months ago

very nice school and staff


MS Mannat, in the last week

Need lots of improvement


Tim Roberts, 10 months ago

This school is really bad. Students are out of control. The administration is invisible and/or useless at best. At the worst they implement micromanaging teaching techniques and discipline procedures that make it impossible for any kind of effective learning environment to be created. Most students are well below grade level. Instructional materials are non existent. The school is in its fifth year of operation and yet the science lab is still not equipped and basically non functional. Their use of an online chromebook based education is failing, it has resulted only in students being even more distracted. This school uses an English based Alberta curriculum which is very demanding, yet 75% of the students have poor English. There is no ESL program. This coupled with the constant disruptive behavior of many students results in no real authentic curriculum being delivered. There is a core of about 15-20% of students who could be high achievers, but they are constantly leaving due to the dysfunctional nature of the school. The teachers are really hard working and very professional. It’s amazing what they are able to accomplish given the circumstances. Most however, cannot wait for their contracts to be finished. The school has also in the past not paid teachers, not covered visa penalty costs, and not covered medical expenses for teachers. The contract the school gives you is basically meaningless. Be aware that there could be fines if you resign after a three month probation period. Teachers who resigned within the probation period were threatened with fines, but as this was illegal they simply were not paid for their last month of work. Avoid this school.

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