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Anglo-American School of Moscow, founded in 1949, is an independent, coeducational day school in northwest Moscow that offers an international educational program from pre-Kindergarten (4-year-olds) through grade 12.

The international student body of approximately 1200 students represents over 60 countries. Class sizes typically range from 16-18 students. Our faculty consists of 150 qualified and experienced educators and 13 administrators, principally from the US, UK, and Canada.

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American, IB

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4 to 18

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7 Reviews of Anglo-American School of Moscow

Average Ratings

Overall 3.40
Facilities 5.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 2.50
Sports 4.50
Music & Arts 3.50
Science & Tech 3.50

Reviewer Nationalities

Russian (1) Canadian (1)

How would you rate Anglo-American School of Moscow?

Kseniia Panteleeva, 21/06/2020 @ 22:31:03
Relationship   Ex Pupil

Music & Arts

As a student who has left the school 4 years ago, I have a very different experience of AAS. I was harassed by teachers, grown adults who gossiped about me spreading incredibly inappropriate lies (about a 15 year old girl they were meant to be educating and protecting), and most staff went out of their way to punish me. I was harassed be the head of security for going to the health centre following a flare up of chronic illness. My sixth grade teacher took me out of my classroom halfway through the lesson to call me “a little bitch”. I was 12, left crying in the hallway by a qualified educator. The principal suspended me for attending the basketball game my class was attending, but not coming to the classroom for attendance beforehand. Something that every student knows that no one would normally be suspended for. This list can go on endlessly. AAS is an institution that prides itself in shaping young adults and finding individual approaches to their students. I can say with absolute certainty they do nothing of the sort. AAS can excuse their actions by saying I was a difficult student - which I admit I was. I think any kid would be driven to be stubborn and disruptive when subjected to this sort of treatment from their educators. Even after I had left, I ran into my ex classmates at an MUN conference. An AAS staff member went out of their way to embarrass me as I talked to my friends, and then forbid them from seeing me. I admit I was not an east student to deal with. I was the victim of bullying and a wide array of other issues. But those were issues that should be amended by an institution that is shaping young adults. Not through the means of harassment, belittling and punishment. I left AAS after grade 10 to attend another school. I graduated with 42 points in the IB diploma, placing me in the top 1.8% worldwide. I was not a lost cause. I most certainly didn’t deserve to be excluded from receiving an education. My experience is not limited to me - many others have reached out to say that they share my issue with the AAS administration. Somehow, though, you don’t seem to see this before you make the decision to send your children to this school.

Susanne, 22/11/2019 @ 12:47:01
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

After many years of being a parent in this school, with kids going through elementary, middle and high school, I can without a doubt say that this is one of the most welcoming and helpful learning communities in the world. We've traveled through a few schools overseas and in Canada and AAS is beyond anything we have ever seen in terms of the personalization of learning, level of education, facilities, range of activities, clubs and social events. It really does feel like a family with teachers who genuinely care about the future and wellbeing of each child and parents being partners in the school community. Of course, there are some issues, as every complex ecosystem has them, but there is a genuine desire to collaborate and solve problems together. We miss AAS dearly and can only hope to find another school close to it.

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Barbara Lewis, 2 years ago

I teach here and love my school. The kids are great and the faculty are passionate about teaching and learning. Our school takes care of us very well.

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Max Boender, 2 years ago

This school is hands down the best choice for Primary and Secondary education following the American system. AAS used both the IB MYP and DP, and all graduating students receive both a High School diploma and an IB Certificate if they opt to go this route. The issues associated with this school mainly lie in situations caused by global politics, as certain teaching staff may not receive there Russian Visa until the end of the first semester. The school population is varied, and consists mostly off expats and children of diplomats, but some Russians are allowed to attend lest they demonstrate an excellent command of the English language. I highly recommend this school, as it is in my opinion the best choice for an international recognised diploma in both Moscow, and Russia as a whole.

Google logoRating: 

Tungesh Kapil, 2 years ago

Spent my entire lower and middle school here. They have invested a lot into the infrastructure and provided the best facilities for the students to grow and learn. They offer the best tools and organize a lot of events for the students. One of the best schools I have had the pleasure of attending.

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An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, 10 months ago

Probably the best option in Moscow, but not comparable to a top school in the UK, US or major financial centres (HK, Tokyo, etc). Kids like it but they may struggle later if you move to a more competitive environment. Nice environment and facilities, but for academics only so-so. I would choose it if moving to Moscow (and Moscow is the best overall option available to you), but if there was an option to have kids go to a leading school elsewhere would definitely recommend the latter.

Google logoRating: 

Verni Coyot, 5 months ago

Really bad school, the administartion is really rude, it consists of teachers which cannot supply students with basic learning materials. I have spent 3 years in this school and I learned close to nothing which is needed for my education outside of this "International School", the only benefits you could get is the IB Diploma you wish to get otherwise this school is not the right place to choose for your children due to the large lack of study materials, behaviour of teachers around students, administration maturity, and etc. Most families which join this school leave next year due to how horrible it is and if you have a complaint the only answer this school has to give you is "too bad, leave".

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