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Ages:3 to 18 Primary Language:English
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The ISF Academy offers a unique education in Hong Kong. It is an internationally accredited independent school offering a Chinese and English immersion education with a global perspective. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, between East and West, The ISF Academy is a connected community of learners that is based on a vision of education where the power of ideas to shape lives is understood and respected, and where hope for a better, brighter future forms an essential driving force for learning. We believe that an excellent education reaches both the heart and the head, combining challenges and inspiration, offering a rich experience of the real world balanced with the security of a planned learning environment. Great learning charts the journey between aspiration and achievement, instills values and virtues, inspires courage and commitment, and draws wisdom from experience. An ISF education values, nurtures, and celebrates the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. ISF Academy students learn to embrace and exemplify the essential human values that form the philosophical foundation of our school: commitment, respect, benevolence, compassion, courtesy, integrity, harmony, balance and wisdom; these are the Eight Virtues + One. Our students and teachers put these values into practice each day, shaping our school culture, our personal interactions, our decisions and ideas. They are inquisitive about the world around them and their study programs are designed to encourage exploration, analysis, and reflection. ISF Academy students learn about our world from many different perspectives, and through a range of technologies, they gain not just knowledge, but also a practical framework of human values deeply rooted in Chinese culture. As the builders and shapers of tomorrow, our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to make their own contribution to an interconnected global community. They speak more than one language, embrace technology, and move freely in both Chinese and Western cultural contexts. They are accomplished communicators whose voices are heard in our school and the community beyond, as observers, contributors, and leaders. They are also tolerant, kind, and loyal. The ISF Academy has a strong, future focused vision of education that is well grounded in traditional Chinese cultural values, where the world is a classroom, and learning is not constrained by differences of language and culture. The global perspective of each learner is also shaped by our unique curriculum, based on the solid foundation of the IB Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme and enhanced by our ISF ShuyuanClassics and Sciences courses. Experiential learning provides an essential 'real world' counterpoint to our demanding academic courses. Our commitment to The ISF Academy community is to work in partnership with each family to develop the individual potential of each child, to share the journey with its trials and challenges, and turn today's dreams into tomorrow's achievements.





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43 other schools in Hong Kong

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Rita Ho, 11 months ago

Independent School Foundation is an international school which located at Cyberport. The campus is spacious and clean. The canteen is excellent comparing to other schools. The students there are well educated and polite. It's not that big in size at grand opening. Now, more students and more budget, building expansion was just finished. Security guards are sufficient. No worries.


Wing Hei CHAN, a year ago

I am a student of this school, the education is VERY GOOD. All those people who posted those mean comments, please don't do that anymore. Especially the person talking about bullying, I mean, which school doesn't have bullying? Even if there is, our school is doing a very good job to prevent it. This school is AWESOME and is highly recommended by a student of Independent Schools Foundation Academy.


Mindy Chan, 3 years ago

Excellent school! My children enjoying going to the school and always happy learning.

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