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Tabeetha School is a truly unique school, not only because it is the only Church of Scotland school in the world, but also because this is one of the very few schools in the Holy Land where children and young people of different languages, faiths, cultures and histories are being educated together in English.

In 1863 Jane Walker-Arnott, the eldest daughter of a Glasgow University professor, founded the school to give the girls of Jaffa a measure of dignity and independence. Over the last century, the school has developed to be the incredible school it is today by consistently serving girls and boys of all faiths and nationalities and creating a positive, challenging and supportive learning environment which values individual differences and learning styles. We do so by empowering our pupils to be respectful, responsible and productive citizens in a constantly changing global society.

Tabeetha is an English speaking school whose curriculum is based on the English system of education, culminating in IGCSE, GCSE, and A level qualifications which are well accepted by universities in Israel and across the world. Tabeetha prides itself on developing an intellectual, spiritual and social awareness in all our pupils, regardless of race, ability, gender or religion. We promote Christian values and encourage faith without any coercion and every effort is made to be apolitical. Through learning, respecting and understanding our pupils can live and work together in a spirit of peace and unity and take that out into the wider community.

Where expectations are high and diversity embraced Tabeetha School is dedicated to preparing students for reaching their full potential as independent and confident thinkers who are compassionate problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow in a complex world.

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5 Reviews of Tabeetha School

Average Ratings

Overall 4.38
Facilities 3.00
Academics 4.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 4.00

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Israeli (1)

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Alexa, 21/07/2023 @ 17:49:46
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

I learn there it’s good but the teachers aren’t the best

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Lea Xplay0, 4 months ago

Love this school kids very sociable enjoy playing with friends kids are very nice teachers very respectful.

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Rabiot jdnsj, 5 years ago


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Lili Feng, 2 years ago

Who can tell me how many grades in this school?

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Svetlana Dubova, 3 years ago

I am a mum of a 10 year old girl who has been studying at Tabeetha for almost 2 years. She is in 5th grade now. Although the school claims itself to follow a British system of Education, it is far behind on all subjects from UK Schools programme. Most of the teachers have heavy Scottish accent that is not always understood by students. There is very low safety level and no actions are taken properly when the child gets hurt at school. My daughter broke her shoulder right before the lesson at 8 am. She fell off the bench. No one even noticed that. Only when my elder daughter saw her very pale and with one shoulder much lower than another she called me but it was already 11.30 and it was Friday. Thank Goodness I managed to get to the hospital before it closed. After the accident I didn’t receive any apologies for what happened on the territory of school and was denied even to ask for a compensation. “You must be happy she is good now”- was the answer from the secretary Miss Tina. There is a problem of bullying among kids and no one pays attention to it. I had to raise this issue to the principal and only then the child who bullied my child had a conversation with the staff. What is more dissatisfying is that children can get bullied from teachers. My child gets bullied by the teacher of Hebrew Miss Nilly. Any accident or minor whisper in class she gets picked on and shouted at. Recently my child and 2 other kids had a situation when they threw away a paper with the word search not in front of the eyes of the teacher but after the lesson was finished. It was regarded as a disrespect towards the teacher. She shouted at them. They had a talk with the administration. Kids said sorry but it didn’t help. The next day the next lesson of Hebrew the teacher brought treats for the students and didn’t give them to these 3 kids saying that they are BAD! Then the next lesson of Hebrew was totally devoted the whole 40 minutes to the discussion of what is respect (discussion in English so no purpose of learning Hebrew) and the teacher asked and encouraged every child to say what they think about my child’s behaviour. My child got stressed, devaluated and humiliated and it is happening again and again. I have raised this issue with the Principal and the administration and the only answer I get is that the Miss Nilly is a very respectful teacher in the Ministry of Education. Well. My child studied Hebrew in Israeli school for 8 months and could already read, write and speak when came to Tabeetha and now she forgot even the how to read. All they do at the lessons is reading texts and translating on their own. Can you learn a foreign language like that? 4 lessons a week and the result is degrading in Hebrew? I am very dissatisfied with the situation and it seems it will never be resolved due to reluctancy of the administration. Моей дочке 10 лет. Она учится в Табите около 2-х лет. Сейчас она в 5-м классе. Хотя школа заявляет себя как британская она очень отстает по программе от школ Великобритании и не готовит детей в начале ни к одному экзамену по британской системе. Уровень безопасности в школе очень низкий, нет мед сестры и в случае если с вашим ребенком что то случится никаких действий не последует. Моя дочка сломала плечо. Упала с лавочки (ее толкнули) прямо перед уроками в 8 утра. Только в 11:30 я узнала об этом от старшей дочки, которая увидела бледного ребенка с перекошенным плечом.После происшествия я не услышала никаких извинений со стороны администрации школы. Школа проигнорировала на мою просьбу о компенсации. В школе очень серьезная проблема буллинга, агрессивного и уничижительного отношения к друг другу среди детей. Самое обидное, что проблема биллинга есть и со стороны учителей. Моего ребенка унижает учитель по ивриту мисс Нили. Из-за неосторожности моего ребенка и еще 2 девочек выкинуть листочек с игрой найди слово на иврите, они стали козлами отпущения в классе. Она приносит угощение и не дает им, говоря - Вы плохие!" Теперь уроки посвящены осуждению поведения моего ребенка и в это вовлечен весь класс.

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