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At Sri Emas International School, students benefit from the full range of learning methods seen on Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning, with emphasis especially on direct, active learning.

This means we are regularly engaging their senses and movements for a more rewarding learning experience. As we have witnessed first-hand among our students, these higher forms of learning truly help students to remember, understand, and internalise better.

So how do we prepare your children for their future using an education system that was created in the past? To us, the answer lies in equipping them with not just the academics, but the application of soft skills that will take them much further: Adaptability, Collaboration, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creativity, to name a few. It sounds simple, but ask yourself how many graduates you've encountered that just aren't prepared for what's expected of them. And the reality is that very soon, having only the logical left-brained skills will not be enough. They have robots for that.

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11 to 16

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Fion Lim, 5 months ago

This school is really something else. Sure it lacks a few facilities here and there but you cannot find a better environment than this. Everyone is friendly and the teachers are awesome. The canteen food is great (at least for me) and the admins are very helpful too. They trust the students, unlike other schools I have previously experienced. This school is not perfect but I really enjoy studying here :b

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Bryson C.Y, a week ago

The facilities were great and well maintained. Classes were unique and different.

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its christophersamuel, a year ago

There's always PTS if you think Sri Emas is a bit too much for your wallet but hey its probably worth every penny your parents spent on your education there

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DROID POOL, 3 years ago

The learning experience is so immersive!

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C wazizi, a year ago

Yet another run-of-the-mill private school that offers the Cambridge international GCSE curriculum in Petaling Jaya with some significant differences parents should be aware of. It's situated right next door to the Chinese daily, Nanyang Siangpau in the Sungai Way Free Trade Zone. A shambolic back lane serves as the only access to the entrance of this school which does not seem to be able to cope with the one-way traffic on a normal day. The first difference with many other international schools is that it's not purpose-built, taking over from an old, derelict factory which is then converted, modified and painted into a structure that contains numerous classrooms, a few labs here and there and some rooms for the admin staffers, with little facilities to enhance students' experience. A half-hearted, after thought effort at a basketball-cum-futsal court and a covered multi-purpose hall are about what one can expect here for sports activities, recreation and school assembly. Forget about a swimming pool or a proper football field as even the sound insulation between classrooms is simply not good enough with those "quick-n-easy"' chipboard meant for low cost office partitions. It would be galling to sit in one trying to pay attention to the teaching at the same time. Given the number of years it has been in existence, it's never in its make-up for Sri Emas to offer value for the investment parents have made on their children's education. Those who lay claim to this being "the best school" are themselves guilty of never once set foot in a decent purpose-built international school here in the Klang Valley, such as the Alice Smith School, Garden International School (both well established tier-1 schools), Sri KL in Subang Jaya, APIS (near SkyPark Airport) or Tenby School in Shah Alam. Secondly, the iGCSE exam fee that this school charges is exorbitant, at between RM800 to RM900 per subject as opposed to other schools which charge right about RM500 or less instead (£55-65 in the UK). It's just a telltale sign that the declining intake of students here from around PJ and Kelana Jaya where they traditionally draw their support, makes it necessary, in the face of intense competition that comes fast and furious, to generate every extra bit of revenue from internal students and private candidates from their "sister home schools" such as Ace Edventure/Sirius Scholar in USJ. Thirdly, it probably is one that excels at plugging away at their rhetoric of being one that (quote) "does not believe in the methods of conventional teaching" in their futile attempt to create a blue ocean strategy to "distinguish" themselves from other schools. What exactly is so wrong with conventional teaching anyway is never explained in a way as to inculcate critical thinking! Finally, for a makeshift set-up like this, students are charged a ghastly and atrocious premium of right about RM35k per year for their iGCSE years, with additional fees like mandatory annual study and "leadership" camps which may well total up to RM40k per annum. Given the fees they charge, the unremarkable level of teaching and the below average facilities offered, the jury is still out if this is really a good school, let alone the "best school" out there in terms of cost-and-benefits for families seeking the best international education for their children. Parents would be doing themselves a big favour by visiting Tenby, Sri KL (both produce very good overall iGCSE exam results annually with their conventional teaching in comparison), Beaconhouse Sri Inai or Sunway Intl School before enrolling, as the annual fees charged are right about the same, but the level of teaching, the strive for academic excellence, the parents' and student's experience and provision of facilities are at least a notch better. Even the neighborhood's Nobel International School or Beaconhouse in Tmn Megah may offer a better value proposition for the cost-conscious. Rating: 2*/5* (Poor value for parents' hard earned money; claim of unconventional teaching notwithstanding).

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