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Shanghai, China 

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Ages:3 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:American,IB Max Class Size:Unknown

At SAS we chose to believe students can only reach their full potential if they’re engaged, challenged, and inspired not just inside the classroom, but outside as well. We chose to be a not-for-profit, believing students would be better served if we focused on education, not balance sheets. We chose to create a Mission that would not merely be hung on a wall, but would serve as a guiding light to inform our actions every day. And in spite of a history that began 106 years ago, we chose to recognize that while our past can inform, it’s our future that truly inspires. These choices have made our school a wonderful place to learn. I sincerely hope they also make SAS the right choice for you. It seems that no matter what SAS visitors are looking for in the school, they come away with the same conclusion: I wish I would’ve gone to school here when I was a kid. It’s an understandable observation. Because the educational experience of SAS excels in many ways. Looking for a rigorous academic environment that can prepare your child for some of the world’s most laudable colleges, universities and fine arts programs? You can find that here. Seeking a philosophy that will nurture your child both inside and outside the classroom? Let us tell you about our dozens of clubs, service learning opportunities, and sports teams that range from participatory up to a varsity-level program that has earned 101 APAC championships. Searching for top facilities? Ours are unmatched in Shanghai, and our not-for-profit status means all revenue that goes into the school stays in the school, continually making the SAS experience even better. All of which has caused more than a few alumni to return to campus, look around, and say, I wish I was still in school here. Whether students are at SAS for a year or from pre-K through graduation, their time here is spent on a well-mapped journey of academic excellence. This journey – built on the foundation of our Mission and Learner Outcomes – includes a conceptual approach to math that allows each grade to seamlessly build upon the previous one. It includes putting learning into practice, like when science classes create chemical reactions that send thousands of ping pong balls soaring into the sky. It includes multiple language offerings and a Chinese program that deepens students’ appreciation of – and ability to thrive in – our host country, as well connections through arts and technology that expand learning in all other areas. It includes the support of a robust ESL (English as a Second Language) program to help Elementary, Middle, and High School students achieve academic success even if their Mother Tongue language is not English. And it includes the choice of both the AP and IB programs. Combined, these offerings reflect our individualized approach to learning, helping the post-SAS years be, well, whatever our students want them to be.





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38 other schools in Shanghai

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Guillermo Machado, 7 months ago

I have never worked in a school where everyone works so hard to ensure the best learning opportunities for the students. Very proud to work here at the moment! the fact that it is non for profit, also does wonders for the motivation and intentions of administration and everyone involved.


Zoe Chao, 8 months ago

Best school in Shanghai. Academics and Sports are wonderful, even the new Hub Library is gorgeous.


Seoyeon Yi, a year ago

I used to go to this school. my personal experience was so good I would recommend it for everyone. This school has well educated teachers and host lots of fun activities. This school is the best out of countless schools I visited. I wish I could go to the school again. Sure the school cost a lot but I think that it was worth every penny.


David Leung, a year ago

Best international school in Shanghai!


Robert Gray, a year ago

This is my school. That is not it's location!

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