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Ages:5 to 15 Primary Language:English
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PLKCKY is a through-train private independent school for boys and girls aged 6–18, ranging from primary through to International Baccalaureate Diploma students(IB). Situated in Cheung Sha Wan near Golden Hill, CKY is a school with approximately 1,300 students. The school opened and moved into its new campus in September 2009. CKY believes every child is unique and every child has different potentials. Therefore, we should neither turn them into identical products, not should we limit their ability to coping with examinations only. CKY mission is to develop and educate children holistically so that they will not only know how to learn, but rather how to live and lead a life of joy, health and success. CKY operates a co-tutor system for the Primary Section, providing a natural bilingual environment. Students study themes in both Chinese and English. CKY believes that each child loves learning and has different potentials. Provided that their interest is stimulated, that they are given appropriate guidance, that they are given opportunities to develop their confidence, that they are cared for and constantly encouraged, they will become outstanding people.





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43 other schools in Hong Kong

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Angel K Tse, 5 months ago

Brilliant school with impressive facilities!! Students are very polite and achieve wonderful performance on both academic, sports and arts events. Impressive!


Luis Cheung, a year ago

Best possible school in the universe, virtual reality classroom, 4D learning experience, amazing teachers, and futuristic school facilities. Such as 4D printer, teleportor, jet pack school bags. Students end up with a average IQ of 400, and become leaders of the world.


方雋諾, a year ago

It’s very beautiful. It is big too. I like it very much. It’s justlike our home


Shina Wong, 5 months ago

Very poor organisation to work for. You will be treated like trash and regularly abused by the so called management. Kids are ok but the leadership and HR are awful. Many breaches of employment law. Best avoided.


Nu Aer, 5 months ago

Dubious HR practices. Most of the teachers are not qualified teachers. Bad place to attempt to have a career.

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