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Each member of the Peterson Schools Community enriches our day-to-day lives. This is how we are able to make our new Mission possible.

We are a community that inspires passion for learning and life.

As an educational community, our sole aim is to make this Mission a reality. We strive to make each and every one of our students become passionate for what they experience in school: being within a dynamic classroom, understanding teamwork during sports, exerting creativity during an artistic class, expanding their social skills while interacting with friends and faculty, or developing the abilities to manipulate and responsibly use technology. This and much more are what comprise our Peterson Community.

We strive to teach our students that the knowledge and skills taught in school are to be applied throughout their lifetimes. In a rapidly changing world, we try to bridge the gaps that technology has created. How can we prepare our students for the problems of tomorrow? How can we prepare them to constantly update their knowledge when the information they learned in school becomes obsolete or incorrect? How do we prepare them to take on jobs that do not exist?

We, at the Peterson Schools have become facilitators that teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We have created a community that molds global citizens who are driven, responsible, environmentally conscious, creative and curious. This is what motivates the Peterson Schools.

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2 to 18

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6 Reviews of Peterson Schools

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Overall 3.00
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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SMendez, 27/10/2022 @ 18:17:55
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Music & Arts

I’m a neighbour to this school. And it’s an absolute nightmare. I’m not sure what the quality of education is. But, I know for sure, they don’t show any values of civility or basic respect for the well being of others. Everyday the noise pollution generated by loud speakers is literally sickening. They make so much noise, you cannot even think, never mind hold a business meeting, rest, have your babies take a nap, or heal after an illness. Over time the noise becomes incredibly stressful and detrimental to your health. I have called them many, many times, sometimes several times in one day to beg them to stop. I even asked them if they have an auditorium to hold their school functions so that we don’t have to suffer the noise. All has fallen in deaf ears. They are the most inconsiderate, most rude people I have ever met. The quality of my life suffers because they will not reduce the noise. Sometimes it’s just loud nonsense yelled over a loud speaker, sometimes it’s pop music, sometimes it’s school festivals, anything, and it happens almost every single day. An absolute nightmare. If you want your kids to have a wholesome education, which includes basic respect for the rights to of others, this is not the place for you.

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Juan Ocerin, 8 years ago

Bridges to cross – mountains to climb, Thinking about tomorrow What will it be? What will it hold? What will the future borrow? Together we stand – Divided we fall, All for one, and one for all! Never look back – Never say “die” Into tomorrow we will fly ... WE WILL FLY (HIGH) CHORUS Peterson, I sing to you, Show the way, and I’ll go through Make the world, with all my creativity, A better place to be Serve the earth and fellow man, With respect throughout the land, Honest deeds with due responsibility, A better place to be From sea to shining sea... All that we can be All that we can be All that we can be Now is the time – the moment is here, Changing... moving, year by year. How will I grow? How will I see? All that I was meant to be. Toegether we stand - Divided we fall, Never look back – Never say “die” Into tomorrow we will fly.... WE WILL FLY (HIGH)

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Aurelio Hernández, a year ago

A school with a very good level of education but due to the pandemic it is closed

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Gressya Reyes, 2 years ago

Excellent experience educating young people.

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Berenice Rodríguez, 5 years ago

Bicultural and bilingual education. Excellent teaching and administrative staff, modern study programs. School of happy children.

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Raquel RB, 8 years ago

I am a neighbor of the school and I love listening to the boys playing on the sports field, the batons, the excitement ... every day, even on weekends from early on, it is revitalizing to look and remember how it is at that age, the vitality , joy, laughter! They have an incredible sound equipment, of excellent quality that reproduces and increases music and words to the wonder, I only have one observation, at the same time that request, same that I made by phone yesterday, around it there are people who try to rest, or they are sick, or from listening on the phone, or their circumstances are affected by the auditory contamination that they are generating after eight o'clock in the morning, the noise that is perceived blocks around is thunderous, until aggressive I would say I, for those who have no idea what happens on campus. I think that an important part of the formation of people is to instill awareness and consideration towards others, in fact in our country it has been the lack of this value that has stopped us in moving forward in many aspects. Please moderate the sound volume for your events, PLEASE, I am sure I will not be the only person who will appreciate it. I appreciate your kind attention to this. Atte. Architect Raquel Ruiz Beard.

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