Mutiara International Grammar School (MIGS)
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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3.5 from 4 reviews
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Ages:4 to 16 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:IB, English Max Class Size:Unknown

Mutiara International Grammar School (Mutiara) is an educational institution that strives to deliver a quality learning experience to students from Reception to the culmination of their IGCSE examinations. Mutiara students will gain an education in a distinctive, friendly family atmosphere, and will have fond memories of their schooling that will last a lifetime. Our School boasts a student body of over 300, representing 25 nationalities as a part of a unique community where a world-class education does not overshadow the unique needs of the individual.





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55 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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KIM SEOYEON, a year ago

I am in year 4R I am from Korea and here is so nice Nice teachers, clean classroom I love my school!


Kutie corn, a year ago

I'm in year 6R I love the amazing teachers and the opportunity to discover new and great cultures. Along with the great learning environment for us. I would really recommend for you to join this school.


Rubini Bala, 6 months ago

I am also a teacher by profession and have thoughr of enrolling my son . But after hearing the case of a oarent who did not get her refund of RM15000 i am shocked Please update me Shanta if you have got your refund of hatd earned money which the management should refund by. If you have not got your refund then you should report the matter to the ministry. Please do update me as soon


santa ananda, 10 months ago

My daughter was year 8 student ...was not performing after year 7 wrote letter to remove her.but management persuaded me to try another year.After year 8 so removed her to Crandbridge Tuition center where fees is only 1/3 price and teachings are fantastic.Migs has refused to refund my 1 term deposit rm15k till today.I hope other parents are cautious when enrolling their Kids in Migs and they refund deposits and not swindle parents.

55 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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