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MILE School Milan was born in 2003 from the will and passion for Education of its founder. Born and raised in Milan, after graduating in Law, Adriana Sorbellini obtained post-graduate pedagogical studies, deepening her skills abroad where she was able to get in touch with leading bilingual early childhood education facilities. In 1998, she founded the first bilingual nursery school in Franciacorta (BS) and, in 2003, she created the bilingual company nursery school in Milan on behalf of Nestlé Italia. Starting from the same year 2003, she first founded the bilingual kindergarten in Milan, then the primary school (2008) and the middle school (2013), creating what is now the bilingual equal education structure MILE School.

Passionate and researcher, she has participated in the drafting of the items of the certification of the quality path EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) in collaboration with the City of Milan. She also collaborates today with the University of Pavia, the Catholic University of Milan and the Bicocca University of Milan.

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English, Italian

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2 to 14

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Dan Babau, 8 months ago

As we are not from Italy, our daughter didn't know any Italian and had limited knowledge of English when we moved to Italy in the summer of 2019. In the first year (Grade 1), the school took the adequate measures (providing extra Italian lessons) to help integrate her within the class (as most of the kids are Italian) and by the end of the 1st semester, she already started to understand and even talk in Italian. Also, English progress was substantial. During the COVID lockdown, the school took adequate measures, providing online lessons. Until now, our experience with this school was very good, hope this continue the same in the future.

Google logoRating: 

Mario Mazza, 9 months ago

Knowing how difficult it is to orient themselves in choosing the school for their children, I decided to give a little help to evaluate the Mile. I state that our son has completed the entire cycle of Primary and we have confirmed confidence in the Middle School. Mile is a smart, open and innovative school. It is a young school, with a strong personality and not tied to tradition. A dynamism that allows it to change and innovate, and that in recent months has allowed it to adapt in a robust way to the DAD. It is open to discussion with families, for which, with its thousands of sporting, social and cultural initiatives, it has also become a place of aggregation and socializing. It is innovative, not only in the use of technological tools, but above all in the adoption of combined teaching methods which over the years have effectively developed my son's potential to the full. We approached this school for bilingualism, but what we found is a much richer educational offer, which has convinced us over the years. Certainly bilingualism, and the Cambridge Curriculum, represent a challenging path for children and families.

Google logoRating: 

Margherita de girolamo, 10 months ago

Excellent bilingual school in Milan. My son Federico has made the complete path of elementary school and today he is, still in Mile, in sixth grade. La Mile accompanied Federico on a path of growth not only didactic, but also personal. Despite being a demanding school - as it could not be otherwise due to perfect bilingualism - my son would not exchange it with any other school in the world .... and this, for me, is what matters. Over time I have renewed my trust in Mile by enrolling my little brother as well. The teachers are not only extremely knowledgeable, but also passionate, which I consider fundamental in terms of example for the kids. La Mile trains children for life and gradually prepares them to become adults capable of facing all the challenges that the future may hold, without discounts and without deceit. Also, during the lockdown, the school's commitment was above all expectations. Since September, unlike many other private schools I know, Mile also adopts Integrated Teaching allowing single children who, due to a common cold, cannot go to school due to Covid directives to actively participate in all lessons in streaming through their Ipads. Thanks to this, we parents are all much more serene in facing what promises to be a difficult winter. We know for sure that our children will not lag behind and that for them school will always be "School".

Google logoRating: 

federica ascoli, 11 months ago

Excellent school and now more than ever it has shown great organization and ability. Teaching staff and top program. I'm very satisfied.

Google logoRating: 

Laura Cavestri, a year ago

We spent a few years at the Mile because I strongly believe in bilingualism (which I still perfectly pursue by other means). All as per brochure. It is a school that parents like. But between theory and practice there is a complete lack of a coherent teaching method to keep the Italian and English sphere in balance (one prevails from time to time also based on the charisma of one of the two teachers) and an adequate selection of teachers: there are of formidable and not up to par for total lack of experience. And it would take a lot to keep two paths together. This often causes severe stress in children (which is resolved with personalized courses, private lessons already at 7-8 years old). Excellent English (from our point of view) but you cannot leave primary school without knowing how to write in Italian (which often requires parents to become teachers). Also because the fees are important It depends what you are looking for. For us, no thanks.

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