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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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2 to 18 English
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At Kingsgate International School we believe in offering a unique opportunity for students to maximize their academic potential and achieve life goals. High quality education opens doors but more importantly it provides young people with the skills, confidence and ability to forge new pathways. Success in a global world requires more than just high grades and academic achievement. It requires courage and determination as well as the understanding and the skills to be able to operate globally.

Kingsgate International School is committed to developing global leaders who will make a difference throughout the world in which they live. Our teachers are experienced and committed professionals who will work with all members of the education community to ensure success. We are building an education team that can best prepare students for the unique global world we live in. They will very quickly set a fine example in the region for their professionalism, knowledge and skills for education and but also as leaders of reform and change. They know in their hearts that the product of their energy will be leaders of tomorrow in across the Asia Pacific Region and the global world they live in.





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56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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Roger Carpenter, 07/11/2019 @ 12:30:36

Great school with amazing teachers and support staff.

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Don Henson, a year ago

Full disclosure - my company does consulting work for Kingsgate. That being said, it’s just a great looking school, right next to TPM. A bit of construction being finished up at one end of the City of Green complex, but the school is at the other end and complete. I’m biased of course, but worth checking out if you’re looking for a school in the area.


Greg Parry, a year ago

A very beautiful school! Well worth a visit!


Henz Lim, a year ago

Very good


Loges Nadesan, a year ago

Excellent place

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