International School Hilversum Alberdingk Thijm (IS Hilversum) Amsterdam
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

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2.4 from 5 reviews
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Ages Primary Language
4 to 18 English
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IB Unknown

The International School Hilversum Alberdingk Thijm is a long standing, highly experienced IB World School, offering all three programmes and catering for ages  4 to 19 years. We are one learning community of students, all learning and growing together, located in a one site, with a clear mission and with a respected, international education programme.

Within IS Hilversum's learning community there are over 40 different nationalities all studying together and learning from each other. 





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15 other schools in Amsterdam

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google gogel, a week ago

please help. i am stuck in room 2 on the second floor, playing 4D Chess with a lebanese 12 grader. they wont let me out. its been 2 days. i had to drink out of a hamster water bottle and eat nakd bars for breakfast lunch and dinner. i cannot play chess and they will only let me out if i win. Otherwise this school is perfect and I learnt so much in my 3 years, really recommend!


WaitingGame _, 2 months ago

I mean school is school. I dont recommend using Google reviews to judge the school but to each their own. Its a demanding school and makes a good attempt at trying to use a different system then most schools which is cool. However it becomes very challenging and although it leads to universities later down the line, its a stressful journey with not every staff member there to help you. I believe its best to see for yourself because I think that (most of) the students here grow to be kind and overworked.


FaZe NïghtMær, 10 months ago

This school is diverse, as some teachers are nice, and some simply love handing out punishments, it's also the same with the kids, just read the other reviews...


Sindiya L, 10 months ago

I was having interviews at schools enjoying every one of them, kids going past, waving and smiling at me.. the teachers being extremely nice and welcoming, honestly lovely schools, until I had an interview here. When we first got in: At reception the lady was literally shouting on the phone really angrily which gave us a bad impression, then when she finished the phone call she glared at my mother and father like we were garbage or something then my mother politely asked when the interview would start and the women snapped back “I don’t know. Just wait.” It doesn’t sound rude on text but I’m reality she was like the snappiest women I’ve ever met, it was horrible. Before I came here with both my parents, we were all really happy to be there to meet the teachers, but as soon as we met the lady I knew everything was going to go down hill. I’ve got to be honest from the image of the school I hated it already, it gave me a bad feeling, and it was right. The school looks like a church/prison, now I laugh about its ugliness, it’s like that for: Prison: bullies Church: getting the rudeness out of them. Now you might be wondering why I hate that school when I haven’t even been? Well, when we were shown around the school the bell rang and lessons ended, I got lots of glares from other kids (obviously, they’ve never seen me and were curious who could be going to their school) but then.. one girl walked passed me and purposely pushed me with her backpack and started laughing with her friends about it staring at me, I just smirked and rolled my eyes at them because I knew everyone already hated them, they just needed to be put in their place, so if I do go to this hell (I’ll probably commit suicide) I’ll show them whose really boss (at least I’m nice and I don’t bully, but if someone’s rude to me on a high level, sorry hunny I’ve gotta come back at you on an even higher level (; ) ANYWAY! The point is, although I haven’t gone to this school to learn I can see that it’s a horrible place to be and not only the students are bullies but I can tell that also the teachers could be too, more proof from that? The teachers don’t take action in stopping the bullying, they even blame it on the victim! Read the other reviews to find out about that..


Natha Anna Smith, a year ago

This is a review about Junior Campus Primary school which is the part of the international school. Junior Campus Primary school rejected my child because it doesnt come from a Dutch family. But later I heard from an insider that they accepted a child from a German family with both parents germans!. What is this? Discrimination? Bribery? Double standards? Is the skin of my child not enough white? I have no explanation, but presume that one of this reasons for sure.

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