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The Indus International School, Bangalore was established on 14th July, 2003. Currently, it is adjudged as top IB schools in Bangalore for Ten Consecutive Years. The Indus International School ranked as best International schools in Bangalore, began its first academic year in 2003, with 135 students. Subsequently, to sustain and to ensure brilliant learning experience, being the Top IB schools, the students graduated from Grade IX to Grade XII in just three years. Today, it is one of the best international schools in Bangalore, with over 1,100 students from 33 countries, of whom 30% are Boarding on campus being a top day cum boarding school in India.

To create global citizens and leaders of tomorrow, through the traditional values of love, empathy, discipline and respect – 21st century citizens who think globally and act locally.

To create life entrepreneurs through holistic education and lifelong learning.

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3 to 18

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7 Reviews of Indus International School Bangalore

Average Ratings

Overall 2.00
Facilities 3.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 3.50
Sports 4.00
Music & Arts 3.00
Science & Tech 3.50

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Indian (2)

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Anon, 23/09/2023 @ 13:38:39
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

I'll be graduating this year, and this school is by far the worst thing, but I'm relieved to be finally escaping it. I've been in this school since grade 3, and boy, has the school gone downhill. The only reason I'm here is because it still has a good reputation, which might help with college. I mean, seriously, don't enroll your child here. There are only about 10 competent teachers, the fees are excessively high, mainly because half of an Indus student's fees go towards random, pointless projects. For instance, there's the robot teacher, or that new 10X school they just created for supposedly super smart kids. But in reality, it's because Indus' brand name is plummeting so fast. I mean, my friend got in, and he failed his SATs, scoring a total of 940. And let's not forget the constant humiliation students endure. I mean, things like girls not being allowed to wear formal pants and only skirts, even though they have to sit down on the floor, risking compromising themselves at times. Or kids being forced to get bowl cuts or hide scars. The school counselors are of no help either. Most of my friends left the counselor's office hoping to be consoled, but instead, most of them left in tears. On top of all that, as I mentioned, the school's reputation is declining rapidly. I don't think colleges will even care about it as much by next year. Please, just don't subject your child to this. Even if you want them to face challenges, I'd much rather go through a medieval torture machine than attend this school again.

Kumud Sharma, 21/03/2022 @ 08:23:15
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

The best school in India. They focus on overall growth of kids; innovation and leadership are the key factors which they inculcate with the help of various new edge tools and technique ,one of the them is design thinking process. Many parents complain that they experiment a lot, but that the way the it should be and the world is going towards.

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Google logoRating: 

Vignesh R, a month ago

Dear School Management. A quick query based on my research on school rankings. Indus Bangalore has been ranked no 1 consistently for a very long time in the education world school ranking. The consistency factor also remains similar for other competitive schools for a period of time. The average change is a maximum of 1 standard deviation for most of the schools other than Indus Bangalore. The consistency factor is also true for most of the competitive schools in the ranking surveys undertaken by other agencies, whereas there is gross inconsistency or non-listing of Indus Bangalore in most of these school ranking surveys. Is there any financial relationship between Indus and Education World that ensures consistent ranking for Indus Bangalore that ensures the top ranking for your institution?

Google logoRating: 

Sagar Ramachandra, 4 months ago

I attended this school from 2005 to 2008. Some of the worst years of my life by far. Indus was far more interested in ensuring discipline in adhering to wearing the proper uniform or not having long hair/facial hair than actually instilling proper values of respect for others or curiosity. Indus was also happy to immediately suspend or expel students on infractions like criticizing the school administration. Being a teenager is a difficult time emotionally and physically and often results in behavior that one regrets later in life. Indus should have dealt with these issues with compassion, not punishment. Most of the teachers were also terrible, focusing on more rote memorization than critical thinking. I had far better schooling in my public American high school. In addition, the students of this school are mostly rich spoiled kids who were also racist to boot. I would hear disparaging comments towards our Korean colleagues on a daily basis. Edit 10/12: Nice job Indus. I definitely attended this school from 2005-2008, why else would I even leave this review? You are telling me you can't find my information for either two reasons: 1. You are completely incompetent and lost all student information from the 2000s. 2. You are making stuff up in order to invalidate the concerns I listed in my review.

Google logoRating: 

DAKSH SOLANKI, 11 months ago

OK the school is looking good from outside , infrastructure is good and all but why do you have to put so much much pressure on children. Students attend school to learn new things and have fun as well. You don't have to give them loads of homework and expect them to be perfect in each and everything . Senior secondary school is really important and what are schools doing just assigning and assigning work. Especially in this time when students can't even go outside to play or meet their friends stop giving them so much homework they are humans as well and have their own social life. I have myself heard from the students of this school what they think and they only said that they get a lot of homework and don't get time to do things what they really love or want to do.

Google logoRating: 

Harish Kumar M, 2 years ago

This schools have good campus, no advanced teaching techniques... There are no different from any other schools who have digital teaching techniques.... I would expect schools pupil to get 24*7 support in case of any doubts for the syllabus... Something like a AI chatbot which deals with clarifying doubts in an interactive mode. The fees are too high... Almost around 6 lakhs for primary sections... With no special advantages given to kids. Need to improve a lot from using technology stand point...

Google logoRating: 

MANISH P 1734108, a year ago

Horrible school.School thrives on teacher expolitation. Miss Roa and Aditi shame, humilatate and torture teachers. The Priciple of the school locked down two teachers without giving a single drop of water 2 teachers during the lockdown, they call teachers to campus during this period. I request the Bangalore city police to investigate the matter.

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