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At Domuschola International School, we celebrate individual differences and view each one as a useful and productive member of society. We believe that education is a means to empower each person to work collaboratively with others, to think critically in addressing challenges in creative, insightful ways, and to take purposeful action for the service of others.

Domuschola is a union of two Latin words, Domus which means “Home” and Schola which means “School." Domuschola is meant to emphasize the close connection between home and school, the two worlds of the growing student. It connotes that the school is the student’s extension or second home and teachers are their second parents. The coined word also illustrates the bridging of the student’s home and the school in the continuing development of the student. It also underscores the critical role of the parents as active partners of the school in the continuum of learning. The learning in school is not just “academic” but must have a carry-over application to the student’s natural environments, the home, and the community. 

At Domuschola, student's learning is not just academic but must have a carry-over application to the student's natural environment, the home and the community.

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6 Reviews of Domuschola International School

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Overall 5.00
Facilities 4.50
Academics 5.00
Teachers 5.00
Sports 5.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 4.50

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secret, 01/04/2022 @ 02:50:26
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

Nice school nice teacher nice class yes

Rafa Caharian, 31/03/2022 @ 05:59:28
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

This is a very nice school! It really amazes me how considerate the teachers are and how nice they are to the students. The staff really cares about what the students feel about the teaching style and are always willing to adapt. The fact that this school is IB and recently became international is amazing to me! I was here before this school was an international one. This school used to have prayers. But when it became IB it accepted all cultures. Now, this school is a face-to-face school and is respecting the protocols. There are students who try to not follow them at times. But the teachers are very good at managing it. This school is an amazing choice, I cant thank my parents enough for letting me go to the school. This school is a top-tier pick as it is fun and is good for your future.

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Chelsea _Lady, a year ago

I studied there for seven years and it was great! The teachers aren't very strict and take into consideration the student's needs and learning style. From what I know, teachers have usually taught at other schools before going to Domuschola and stay for years before ever leaving. Even employees who don't have a job in the curriculum interact with the students, for example, I'm good friends with the "main" lunch lady and one of the security guards. The building is also clean, with bathrooms on each floor. Unfortunately, there are no gender-neutral bathrooms, apart from the one in the lobby and the back, tucked in away in the parking lot. Classrooms are spacious and can fit a hefty amount of students. Other rooms used mainly by students, aside from the classrooms, are the infirmary, cafeteria, waiting rooms for pick ups, computer room, indoor gym, music and art rooms, lab, music and movement/miscellaneous room, library, and a "drama" room. We were taught to be balanced with being inquisitive, knowledgeable, and to be able to think outside the box and take risks while still being empathetic, caring, open-minded, and to communicate freely with others. Outside the curriculum, they have different extracurricular activities for us, students, to partake in. Some are robotics, coding, chess, painting, theatre, cooking class, languages, multiple sports, musical instruments, and even ones where they learn about different cultures and can even stay overnight at school and learn life skills. These change every year, so that may be outdated. They also offer tutor sessions for students who need assistance. Like at Hogwarts, Domuschola has houses where they compete in games to earn the cup. There are 3, tarsiers, cobras, and eagles, with a colour representing each with uniforms. I was in the eagles house, with the colour blue, tarsiers with yellow, and cobras with green. Each inspired by a native animal. They also have a campaign event, the annual anti-bullying campaign. For the first year, they had a sort of introduction on the various kinds of bullying, how to detect it, and what to do. For the second, it mainly focused on cyberbullying. The school also has an annual mental health check where the school phycologist interviews the students to check if there's anything wrong, they introduced it during the anit-bullying campaign, so it's notable. Another notable thing is the diversity in students! Students are representing 14 nationalities, give or take of course. Each student has different roots, some of my friends have Spanish, Indian, American, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, etcetera! It's was nice to get to know other cultures through their experiences and comparing them to my own after visiting their native countries. The only downside is that their tuition is extremely expensive, I would think twice before deciding to study there if you're on a budget, unless you have a scholarship, then nothing to worry about. Apologies if it seems like an essay, but I hope this helped you make an opinion on Domuschola! I tried to be as unbiased as I can, but that proved difficult. If you decide to study there, say hello for me! Sincerely, Chelsea P.S. Don't worry about fitting in, from my experience, they're friendly and don't exclude others, unless you get on their nerves. That's when you can start to worry, please tell one of the teachers if that ever happens! Au revoir!

Google logoRating: 

Manolo Rafael Mariazeta, 2 years ago

Good school, kind teachers, nice classmates, spacious rooms and a nice building. I recommend bringing your child here! :)

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Prabhjit Kandola, 4 years ago

I've been studying in Domuschola for almost 7 years now, and I have achieved a lot. Starting from a Kinder 2 student until Grade 6 has been the best years of my life!!

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Lloyd Cascabel, 4 years ago

An I.B. School that puts the students' wholistic learning and international mindedness in its top priority.

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