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Colegio Brasil Canada was founded more than 19 years, precisely in 2000, in the Perdizes neighborhood, in São Paulo / SP. The institution is a direct result of the desire of professionals in the education area to offer differentiated and high quality teaching, with bilingualism as its essence. Believing in the relevance of fluency in the second language, we invest in the installation of an environment that favors the exchange of knowledge and the breaking of borders. Our methodology is marked by a pedagogical proposal defined for all levels of education: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School I and II. Children as young as one year and six months can now be enrolled to obtain a privileged education throughout the school period. In early childhood education, we use the English language as a means of communication between students and educators. Playful and educational projects are developed, through stories and conversations, always in English. The Portuguese language gradually enters the universe of students from the age of three.

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Canadian, English, Brazilian

Primary Language

English, Portuguese


1 to 18

Max Class Size


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