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Baton Rouge International School is an independent, non-profit American school offering a rigorous College preparatory curriculum in a multilingual environment (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese) from preschool through 12th grade. Be part of this excellent global education program by enrolling your children in a school like no other in the area.

By engaging your child in this unique program of foreign language immersion, technology education, language arts, math and science, music, physical education, and the visual and performing arts, you will equip them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in College and life beyond. The International School program is successfully being taught in many cities in the United States and Canada, overseas, and in Baton Rouge since 2000.

As global economies continue to integrate and the world is getting smaller, young leaders will need to master foreign languages and STEAM to compete effectively as well as understanding other cultures and enriching their lives. The Baton Rouge International School has been created to meet the needs of parents who hold such goals for their children.

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William Jones, 2 years ago

Every school will claim to value the individual student, to try to develop the student to the highest potential, and to accommodate the student's needs and academic passions. BRIS actually does these things. Professional, proactive, engaged and discerning. A superlative educational and social experience.

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Drew Temmie, 2 years ago

My son goes here and he loves it he made so many friends even after him being new and a kid picked on him... But the owner helped and the kid moved away. My son still has his friend and wants to make this school better in any way, shape, or form. I hope the new gym Looks amazing =) Also I love how they have different languages for my child to learn to expand his mind. A shout- out to my son`s Teacher Ms. Elaine! thank you very much for your amazing teaching skills =)

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Margie Maybe, 6 years ago

This is an amazing school. I'm proud to say my kids attend and thrilled for my community that education of this caliber is available here. It's not just the foreign language submersion that has been so wonderful but the whole curriculum is outstanding. My eldest has been testing nationally at levels far above average and placing near the top in competitions of math and geography. Looking forward to seeing what my youngest will do as soon as she is old enough!

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Yarib, 3 years ago

I am a 13 year old going to 9th grade this year in the US, I really hope that I will be accepted and have a good reputation and grades. I speak both english and spanish, with spanish being my first language, when I read about this school and the good comments about it, I liked it, but, I haven't moved yet, but I bet this will be the school where I will be, and for what I have read, it is a great educational center.

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Amanda Roussel, a year ago

I've sent my children here for three years from ELIC (1 years old ) to PreK age 4. We speak Spanish at home although we are native English Speakers. The school helped my son A LOT with his language skills. I am blown away by his French and Chinese ability. The Spanish teachers have really pushed him too. My daughter HAD a speech delay and the school has been very accommodating for her weekly at the school speech therapy. The best part are the other students and parents who are committed to a multilingual and multicultural education for their children. The children learn through immersion, song and games and books AND NOT rote. Some of the older students' speaking ability in Spanish leaves a lot to be desired, however I think that NOT The school's fault but really a question of personality. The school is NOT for everyone. I have met some parents who left because It is officially secular. It is not anti religious but they are very conscious to not promote any one religion. Sometimes, the administration comes out as disorganized. I have heard a few little rumblings about teachers yelling and being harsh. I think there is too much emphasis on "career" but I imagine that is a repeated concern of other parents. I imagine it is hard sometimes for some parents to communicate with the teacher because the teachers are native speakers of other foreign languages but I haven't had an issue. We are very happy here and would recommend this school to any parent who believes in long-term multicultural and multilingual education.

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