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Andy, 13/10/2019 @ 20:25:19

SAS is a great school with a great community...highly recommended!

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Taylor Sewart, 9 months ago

I disagree with the bad reviews about the space. I am currently a student at SAS and I really enjoy the school and the workings. I am quite interested into what we learn everyday and the teachers are quite helpful. If you took SAS from a students perspective, maybe the review would change. The open spaces are also able to close up, they only rarely do combined classes. SAS has a healthy learning environment that all students enjoy. The teachers and faculty are ever so kind. Thank you.


Lucas Sagar, 4 months ago

Singapore American School is an amazing school for anyone, and I would highly recommend it due to its advanced teaching techniques and collaboration that ensure that you child will get a great education.


Dream Time, 7 months ago

Gotta say after going to this school for 9 years before moving to dubai, probably one of the best schools in the world. Teachers are friendly and always helpful, students are nice and there are lots of groups to join so don't worry about that. Tution fees are a bit high but it's worth it when you finally graduate.


andy chatterjee, 2 years ago

We moved last July and we love the school. My son got settled in no time , the teachers are very accessible and helpful , I made all my connections through school. We are fortunate that our son is in SAS. We love SAS.

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