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Overall 2.50
Facilities 1.00
Academics 4.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 2.00
Music & Arts 2.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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Tony, 19/08/2023 @ 14:25:51
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Parents run the school - indulge their own aims for their children and local staff not treated well. Lots of politics in the school. Academic standards good. Previous leadership tried hard and built the school but were not often thanked. Not a British vibe and not what it used to be.

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Omar Bahgat, a month ago

It is always so lovely and has beautiful scenery and great weather too

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ESSAM Ali, a week ago

It is really nice place need a huge parking place

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mohamed ashraf, a month ago

Pretty nice place but if you are over 20 dont go on weekends.

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Khairy Derballa, a month ago

Good to stay and have a nice time there you and your family.

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Amin الشاعر Elamin, 2 weeks ago

It's really disappointing and there seems to be a huge issues related to membership policies ecpcially when we talk About the ability of the Maadi branch to accommodate huge numbers of members with their families and guests, it wasn't studied well as always you feel the club is congested with a huge numbers of people and it could almost reach the club maximum limit to take this number of people. I have seen other clubs around their policies were reasonable in terms of accepting appropriate number of members so that everyone can enjoy the quietness and the facilities in a professional way. I had bad experience always when I visit the club especially my children who had to wait for their turn to play in the slides because there was plenty of children also standing and wating for their turn to play. I could rate this as very usual club almost near to the other public areas. I hope this could be fixed on day so everyone will be happy.

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