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David Swisher, 29/07/2020 @ 08:54:51
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

My daughter was attending KG2 at this school until recently. I voiced a complaint about some of the content I had found in one of her books and was basically told by the principal that she didn't care due to the upcoming school year and that my daughter was no longer attending. She deemed it to philosophical and refused to say whether the school would remove the book, or if even they thought it was wrong. The content was found within one of the books assigned regarding bravery, but framed within a racial context. It was about segregation in Louisiana regarding a girl (coincidentally the same age as mine) during the Jim Crow era. It included several illustrations of angry white mobs surrounding this girl and her mother along with armed military escorts to kindergarten. While I agree this child showed absolute bravery, I just feel that Winnie-the-Pooh would've been a more age appropriate choice, or any other character for that matter. I brought this up because I feel that it's the inherent right of every parent to teach their own kids about equality or religion not a school, and especially at the age of six I found it woefully inappropriate. Also this was the third time the school attempted to teach my child about racism. For parents that are considering this school, I'd weigh this in your decision making about whether you will send your child here. You're paying 60k+ for an education which should pertain to math, sciences, language, arts, etc - not for six year olds to be indoctrinated.

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