Gyeonggi Suwon International School Seoul
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Seoul, South Korea 

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Overall: (4.4 from 5 reviews)
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Ages:3 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:IB Max Class Size:Unknown

The school services both the educational and co-curricular needs of more than 500 Kindergarten - Grade 12 students and their families. Located in Suwon, a short commute south of Seoul, GSIS provides a dynamic learning environment, passionately committed to educating the whole child.





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20 other schools in Seoul

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Gyoungmin [Matthew] Ahn, 2 months ago

Such a wonderful school filled with amazing opportunities and a school with amazing faculties. I definitely recommend everyone to come to GSIS and get a taste of the amazing quality education it offers.


Seongwon [Peter] Rim, 3 months ago

They might not be good in the beginning. But trust me, they will get better.


Thespian Club Troupe 8560, 2 months ago

Great school for drama.


Hanjoo Bae, 11 months ago

A sweet and cosy school. Great drama dept.


Flenvemi, 2 months ago

Review Made: May 23, 2019 This School can include some bossy kids although the education and studies are good many kids are ignorant and even in fact bossy, loud, or even toxic and play video games most of the time. the food here is great that because i gave the review for mostly the food and education, some people can get bullied which can make the students depressed and even may make me suicide! this school is not so decent and does not care for people who honestly fights with one popular kid then everyone gets mad and doesn't like that one specific person. And everytime the people who were there after you and bosses you around they don't care and gets more toxic. Their are people who are left alone and like ask them something they are like "you found it yourself" kinda type of response. But I suggest you look at United states school compared to this kind of international school friends can do better but education and food are great even staff and teacher are real friendly but the students are not the decent part. take a look at Jeffery Trail Middle School

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