International School Advisor Placement

Every single family has a different set of priorities.

That's why each engagement starts with a set of questions to get to know you and your children.

Our consultants aim to understand fully as much as possible about you and your children. From there we can talk to you about individual schools and how they might suit your children. Once we have worked with you to create a shortlist of schools we will then contact those schools to get the right answers to your important questions.

Our initial consultation package is €445 (plus taxes) and includes the following:

  60 minute phone consultation for one or more dependents

  General needs analysis interview

  General overview of the education system in the host location

  Summary of the consultation

The consultation will be with a local education consultant who has broad experience of the schools in the city you are moving to. We have experts in almost every major city in the world.

Note: This service is not child-specific and does not include school recommendations for particular children.

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