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Colegio Alameda de Osuna is a private entity, governed by a third-generation family institution, which is not linked to any political, social or religious organization. We teach at all levels from 2-year old’s through 2nd Baccalaureate as well as TAFAD Vocational Training.

Our educational project at Colegio Alameda de Osuna is based on the idea of “promoting talent” capable of creating a life project in a trustworthy, autonomous, responsible and effort-oriented environment; capable of applying knowledge to solving society’s problems; able to start and maintain relationships based on respect and tolerance. In sum, we want to help create people who attain fulfillment through work and emotional balance.

Our mission is to teach in honesty and freedom to educate responsible, caring and innovative citizens, able to actively contribute to the constant transformation of society in a globalized and sustainable world.

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2 to 18

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5 Reviews of Colegio Alameda de Osuna

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Lidia Moya, a week ago

This has been our first year at school (third grade) and the experience has been very positive. We liked the methodology they have (very different from the traditional one that the old school had), the importance of languages, the CAOS project. I believe that the way they approach things can make them great professionals tomorrow. I also highlight the great guidance team that the school has, always available, willing to help and listen, nothing to do with the old one, who made it almost impossible to make an appointment. But the most important thing and the best indicator is that our son is happy and is looking forward to starting the new course.

Google logoRating: 

David López, 7 months ago

Our two children have been in this school from childhood until now, they are almost at the end of the journey (one in 2nd Bac. and the other in 3rd ESO). Having been lucky enough to be in this school has been a blessing for us. Very tough school but always with incredible teachers who give their all to help their students, at least those who want to listen to them. I hope one day our grandchildren will be there. Thank you very much for your dedication.

Google logoRating: 

DayDJ Nico, 10 months ago

This school has more good than bad, let's start with the good. In the first place, it is a huge school that welcomes almost more than 200 students per year, so many families choose to bring their children here and this indicates that it is a good school. Then, it has great and very good facilities for almost all sports that we can imagine. To finish with the good, there are, in some cases, great teachers who take care of their students and in which their progression is constant and effective. Now the bad, to continue with the subject of teachers, there are others who focus more on primary school than on the contrary, do not pay interest in their students and limit themselves to teaching. Finally, the food; In relation to its high price, it could be of a somewhat higher quality, but the variety is acceptable and balanced.

Google logoRating: 

Peter García V., 5 months ago

Wonderful school, the children are very happy with the teachers and classmates. We cannot fail to highlight the important work of Laura López, excellent in the treatment and attention she gives us. When she is not there, the level drops quite a bit. That is why we have decided that in the event that she is not here, we will directly leave the consultation for another day.

Google logoRating: 

Noa Sáez, 4 months ago

The school is fine, more or less the teachers are kind, the problem is in the dining room. They separate us in the dining room and put each of us in a corner just for eating slowly when there are other students who play with the food and come in earlier and leave later than other students, the food is terrible and to pay so much they would have to put a better food, they say they are not going to put yogurt because it has a lot of sugar when they have been putting yogurt all their lives and taking yogurt away from us the only thing they do is that we cannot have dairy products and it is necessary for the students. Then the students are made to do progrentis that is useless to you and the only thing it is good for is wasting our study time. They do not let the soccer field pass because, as it is new, it can be damaged. When it rains they put us in class and they don't let us be with the computer and we can't go to the bathroom to drink water. Thank you very much and we look forward to improvements in the teaching staff.

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