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2 to 16 German
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The quality of our teaching at Zurich Schule Barcelona is based on a pedagogy based on collaboration and teamwork, in small groups and on an ongoing evaluation. We highlight the positive aspects of the learning process and trust in our students, valuing their opinions and prioritizing their human formation in a family atmosphere.




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37 other schools in Barcelona

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Martin Roth, 15/08/2019 @ 12:36:03

Great familiar school with great teachers and a fantastic curriculum. Zürich Schule is an IB applicant school that has maintained its familiar and close essence for the past 50 years. It is based on humanistic psychology and emotional intelligence: they know how to work from constructivism and students graduate mastering four languages: German, English, Spanish and Catalan. Great high level of science for which this special school has always opted for. A fantastic way to integrate into an international environment but also with a large number of local families. The school has adapted to the needs to educate in the 21st century and its educators are in continuous training. Native teachers and the perfect place t breathe good air in Barcelona (located in Sarrià and Pedralbes).

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Tiina Rinne, 6 months ago

This great school holds a firm belief in giving each child every opportunity to learn and succeed in all that they do. They share common values and beliefs, holding a own identity they have been building for the past 50 years. Zürich Schule has a pride in their school, staff and believe the children are a collective responsibility. It feels good to be part of this family...


raquel serrano, a year ago

It is a friendly school with many linguistic opportunities. All German teaching staff are native. The quality of its teaching is based on collaboration and teamwork in small groups and an ongoing evaluation. The school puts emphasis on integrating important 21st century skills in their academic programs. There are also support German lessons for the kids, provided by the school, if your child does not come from a German speaking background.


INDIO & PIA, a year ago

Best possible teachers!!!


Marc Masip, 3 weeks ago

Zürich Schule es una escuela diferente. El primer día que entre entendí que es una escuela donde prima el amor y el cuidado del alumno. Un colegio donde la exigencia es alta y preparan para un futuro bien forjado a los alumnos, que además se gradúan hablando cuatro idiomas amparados por organizaciones internacionales. Sin duda, mis hijos se formarán con vosotros!!


Matthias Schneider, a year ago

Small, family run School with decades of experience providing a solid curriculum (largely based on Swiss system) in mainly German - though other languages are taught early on too. Humanistic approach and with increasing project based work methodology.

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