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Westminster International School in Tashkent students enjoy coming to school each day because they know they will be cared for and supported in their learning. Each student is recognised and ‘known’ by their fully qualified and expert teachers, allowing them to develop the confidence required to embrace the challenges that will be skilfully and carefully placed before them.

We are proud of our students because they value and always look to promote and practise kindness. We are proud of our students because they strive for excellence and recognise that this can be exhibited in many different forms.

Wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do and this is cultivated and grown through helping each child develop positive and mutually respectful relationships, both with their peers and their teachers.

Our academic results speak for themselves and are the product of an emphasis on continual self-improvement. Students are encouraged to explore, follow their curiosity and be creative in their thinking. Our teachers are experts in being responsive to each child’s needs, providing very individual feedback to enable them to embrace the next step in their learning.

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2 to 14

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7 Reviews of Westminster International School in Tashkent

Average Ratings

Overall 3.90
Facilities 3.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 3.00
Music & Arts 2.50
Science & Tech 2.50

Reviewer Nationalities

French (1) British (1)

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Jai , 11/02/2024 @ 19:22:11
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

The best international school in Tashkent.

Edmond Dantes, 08/03/2022 @ 18:34:38
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

Let's begin with the positives. school building is brand new and very beautiful. Tashkent is a lovely place to live and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Resources are very hit and miss. There was an excellent secondary library installed over the summer, but the school doesn't seem to be able to stock the science labs. The storage facilities for chemicals are so unsafe that science teachers have been known to be poisoned and had to take time off school to recover. Some book orders arrive, some don't, pdfs are not uncommon, either online or printed out. The curriculum is equally chaotic. The school had intended to be an IB school all through, but hired administration who didn't know how to do that, so decided to do IPC and IMYC with IGCSES and A levels instead. The IPC kind of works, although alongside Cambridge checkpoints which is odd (suitcase curriculum anybody?) but the IMYC has been disasterous and teachers have wandered off into UK Key Stage 3 instead. There is a mix of Edexcel and Cambridge for exams. A level students had to drop their Maths at the end of the first year as the wrong units had been done and substitute another course to be done in a year. The school refused to continue a student's A level History course because he was the sole student. There is no university counseller. Through no fault of the teachers, we do a shitty job for these students who deserve better. There has been a school leaving certificate introduced this year to entice students who were failing their IGCSES at other schools and come and join the school for year 11. You can imagine the effect that has had on those classes. There are a disproportionate number of boys, and an uncurrent of misogyny which makes classroom uncomfortable for some female teachers as the students get older. The business manager is ever present, issuing edicts that contradict those from the education leadership, doing favours for his special students, brown-nosing those from the most important families, setting a tone that undermines the educationalists and generally making himself important. The idea of professional development is laughable. A business office that can't organise itself to pay for resources can't see the point of professional development. Teachers don't come to WIST to grow. They manage to survive before moving on. The beautiful building is a sham. ...

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Pablo Escobar, 2 years ago


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Тимур Иванов, 2 years ago


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Дилдора Пулатова, 7 months ago

Hello, I study here for 1 month from Mr. Mike Nickson. In my opinion, he is one of the best teachers. His big pluses: great sense of humor, acting talent that make lessons more interesting, and he also gets along with absolutely everyone. He has no minuses to mine. I offer this teacher to everyone

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S1mple, a year ago

The nephew studies here and says that he loves his school teachers are very hardworking

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Asad - the - best Ruziev, in the last week

Хорошая школа, учителя хорошо учят. Очень интересно урок химии. Некоторые студенты расисты. 4 звезды она заслуживает

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