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11 to 18 English
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Throughout their time at West Island School, our learners become responsible global citizens. With strong links to both the local and international community, student led projects engage learners in global action to aid others. Our students leave us with a clear sense of their place in the world and how they can influence it. Teaching through the English medium, our school has been established in the best traditions of the English Schools Foundation (ESF) which has served the Hong Kong community for 50 years. Located in an exciting and innovative building from where we can see the University, Hong Kong’s biggest teaching hospital, Cyber Port and busy shipping lanes that demonstrate the key position of Hong Kong on the Pacific Rim. We welcome students of all nationalities to join us on what we believe is a learning superhighway connected to the world. Our journey starts in the strong partnership between students, parents, teachers and support staff who have the shared view that our cultural diversity enriches and strengthens the life of the school.





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45 other schools in Hong Kong

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Tiffany Whitehead, a month ago

It's a good school with a good environment.


Rogerio Fiche, 9 months ago

Very polite and helpful staff, nice facilities and good reputation.


Fun Factz, 4 months ago

In experience, terrible role models shown to be from this school. Students on social media promote a provocative image. The teachers are somewhat helpful.


sad individual, 2 months ago

Teachers don't seem to care at all about whether or not we learn anything and only if we get good scores on their tests so they don't get fired.

45 other schools in Hong Kong

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