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Vienna International School (VIS) is a special place. Serving as a second home for our diverse student body, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where every student is accepted, appreciated and successful. Our goal is to educate the whole child, instilling values such as open-mindedness, resiliency, and problem solving. We aim to create a community of passionate and caring advocates who care about social justice and climate change.

We hope our students leave our hallways willing to speak up for themselves, their peers and the less fortunate. Whether your child is interested in the performing arts, athletics or Model United Nations, we have created a space for each student to shine. We have a dedicated staff, well-resourced facilities and a rich offering of co-curricular activities. Each student is treated as an individual at VIS and we go to great lengths to ensure each student has the right pathway for success.

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6 Reviews of Vienna International School (VIS)

Average Ratings

Overall 3.38
Facilities 2.00
Academics 2.00
Teachers 2.00
Sports 2.50
Music & Arts 3.50
Science & Tech 3.00

Reviewer Nationalities

Austrian (1) British (1)

How would you rate Vienna International School (VIS)?

NoName, 02/02/2021 @ 19:40:17
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

They might delete my review, but I need to tell people this. More than half of the children in this school have many mental health issues, including myself. I still go to this school, but at this point I am considering leaving, as many others have also considered. The amount of children with mental health issues in this school is astonishing, and what does the school do about it? Absolutely nothing. The school counsellor hates helping children, as I have heard from a teacher, and for the rest of the teachers? They ignore every part of negativity from the pupils. The IB has caused many pupils to see a therapist, and some have even worse cases. This school will push every ounce of freedom away from you, any ounce of happiness and stress free life. You will have nothing but stress. No time to breathe even. They all say school is the same for all kids, nobody likes it. This school is different. Nobody sees it from the inside, the outside is put up so well that the parents turn a blind eye to everything, like the teachers. All the things they say on their website is an absolute lie. Students are NOT supported, they are pushed. The school puts up a really high bar for all students that a lot can't get up to, thus the mental health issues. 'We are friends, we are family' A dysfunctional family at best. The bullying in this school is groundbreaking. And not just from the students. A teacher I know quit because she was being bullied from her staff. A lot of children, including my siblings, have come home wanting to do very harmful things because of the bullying that goes around, despite being in the school for almost 3 years. I have moved around schools my whole entire life. This school? The worst I have ever been to. If anyone from this school is reading this, I hope you know what impact you have on your students. Most of us are suffering.

Seb, 16/10/2020 @ 10:37:22
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Super mixed feeling about this school. My child has been a part of it for 4+ years. We've faced discrimination (we're white), bad teachers, stolen property (that the school fails to act against), bad decisions on part of teachers and staff, staff not aware there is a school nurse (they just left a sick kid to lay on the floor until class was over) and more and more.... On top of it all - they keep singing expensive reconstruction projects (that you have to pay for) without any clear communication with the parents. You are being charged ridiculous fees for anything you can imagine (a school trip with 0 expenses for sleeping arrangements to Italy costs over 400 EUR with a train!). Basically they do anything in their power to expand the current student base at the cost of overcrowding the whole school for the purpose of ... more money!

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HEMA Pratap, a year ago

My kids were studying in class 3 and 5 . They loved this school

Google logoRating: 

India Clamp, a year ago

Review in progress. Diplomat heaven with a great curriculum in English.

Google logoRating: 

peter mckenzie, a year ago

My kids went to the VIS 14 years ago and loved it

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Jakub Mandula, 3 years ago

I was at this school for the past 7 years and I must say my feelings are mixed. As in any other school I must say that it very depends on the teachers that one gets. The teachers I had I really liked and I must say they helped me a lot. However I am aware of people having big problems with their teachers. However the campus is very large and provides modern educational tools which in my eyes is a big plus that not every school can claim.

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