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The English Montessori School Madrid (TEMS) is a private co-educational British School in Spain, which caters to the educational needs of students of the Spanish and International communities in Madrid. The school is recognised by both the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture as a foreign British centre and by Great Britain as a British School in Spain. Children from the age of three to eighteen years of age are admitted to a complete and highly successful educational experience. Though the majority of students are Spanish, numerous nationalities are represented in the student population. Traditionally The English Montessori School Madrid students rank among the best of the students throughout the Spanish and International schools in Madrid, on external exams taken by those students. Accordingly, all graduates of the senior school go on to higher education.





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Paul W., 14/03/2020 @ 17:22:14

We are very happy with the education our son receives at TEMS secondary school. The school runs very well, with continuous and fluid communication with parents. The curriculum is the UK system up until GCSEs and they are now introducing various A-Level options. The school has been impeccable with its management of the current COVID-19 crisis with continuous updates. It has taken a very proactive position weeks ahead of the delayed response of the government and many companies. They already used Google classroom as an integral part of the classes so working from home has been a breeze. Very impressive! We chose this school (as did our son) because there is a very down to earth, no-nonsense attitude that we appreciate. The headmistress and the staff run a very tight ship but there is a very kind and human aspect to the whole outfit. We certainly feel that our son is receiving a top education and that he is well looked after. As you'd expect from a UK curriculum, learning is very much practice-based and less theoretical, which for us a BIG plus for us, the science labs and IT are an example of that. We weren't particularly looking for a Montessori school system, and the previous headmistress was quite open about the fact that Montessori is more focused in the primary school even if there are values that go through to secondary education, that was fine for us. Whilst there was been some unexpected staff turnover over the last couple of years, the core team is solid and I think the school has handled and adapted well, we didn't notice any impact with regards to our son's learning. As far as we are concerned 5/5. Keep up the good work and thank you. :-)

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Jaime Gonzalez II, 27/02/2020 @ 17:32:16

I don't really like this school because its expensive and it's not worth it and a lot of teachers are just bad. I wouldn't recommend anyone to come here. Don't believe me? Go see the school yourself, or send your son there and wait for them to start complaining! I know this wasn't very informative, but I can't add anything else apart from what other fellow students have said.

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Angie Flaquer C, 3 years ago

Small private british education school using MOntessori method. Very familiar


MR DONLEVY, 4 months ago

Yo doy 5 estrellas porque guardo buen recuerdo ,forma parte de mi adolescencia , como colegio en mi época era buenísimo , profesorado de alto nivel, hoy en día, hoy por hoy no sé cómo estará llevado ,me ha sorprendido la puntuación negativa también es verdad que la dueña tuvo problemas y hubo un cambio muy grande en el colegio ,cambiaron el profesorado entero y es verdad que el colegio pego un bajón grande supongo de ahí la puntuación baja .


Ignacio Albert, 6 months ago

I was a student of TEMS for the whole 15-year period (i.e.: Reception 1 to Year 13). After graduating, I have seen the school's values plummet through the firing of employees and absurd and strict rules. Do not be fooled by the reputation they claim... this is inherited from the previous Headmistress Elaine Fitzpatrick. The new board is confusing discipline with authoritarianism. It hurts me to say it, but if you are looking for a liberal and critical education for your children this is not the place to go anymore.


Javier Alfonso Molina Bermejo, 6 months ago

Como ya han comentado otros alumnos, el nuevo equipo directivo del colegio ha destruido la filosofía y el bienhacer que había implementado la anterior directora, Elaine. Es decepcionante ver cómo el excelente colegio del que nos graduamos se va a pique por las decisiones tomadas por Cognita.


Javier Lopez Garcia, 6 months ago

ES: Fui alumno de este colegio desde 1999 hasta 2013. Hasta hace poco lo hubiese recomendado al 100%, incluso para mis propios hijos. Sin embargo, desde que ha cambiado el equipo directivo y han sustituido a la antigua directora Elaine Fitzpatrick, los valores y la calidad de la educación que aquí se realizaba han quedado completamente comprometidos. La empresa que lo ha comprado se llama Cognita. Si siguen despidiendo personal se quedarán sin los excelentes profesores que tenían y en base a los cuales se ha labrado la reputación del colegio. Irónicamente, el comportamiento de la nueva empresa que lo lleva (Cognita) no representa los valores de la educadora que da nombre al colegio (Maria Montessori), si no de otra personalidad italiana cuyo apellido también empieza por M... Si continúan los despidos y las reglas absurdas de disciplina, los de Cognita van a tener que dar las clases ellos mismos. ******************************************************* EN: I was a student in this school from 1999 to 2013. Until not so long ago, I would certainly have recommended the school, even for my own children. However, due to the recent management team change, the values and quality of education has been severely compromised. The former headmistress was Elaine Fitzpatrick, but a new corporation called Cognita bought the school. If they keep firing staff, they will lose the outstanding teachers they had, and from which the school's reputation is founded. Ironically, Cognita's behavior is not representative of the pedagogue that names the school (Maria Montessori), but rather of another italian personality who's last name also start with M... If Cognita keeps up with the layoffs and with the absurd rules of discipline, they are going to have to teach class themselves.

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