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At English Modern School Doha, we aim to provide a truly international education. English Modern School Doha has students from over fifty (50) countries. As an international school we celebrate our national roots, but we also transcend national boundaries. We strive to provide the literacies and academic currency to empower our students to succeed in a range of global academic contexts. Be it a conceptual framework, or disciplinary skills, the capacity to utilise a range of cognitive skills, or a values framework which would have the students embrace the highest standards of academic honesty as their own. We celebrate our international composition, ambitions and outlook. 

We adopt the Cambridge International curriculum from Year 1 through Year 12, culminating with IGCSE and A and AS levels.  We have a specially tailored, developmentally appropriate formative program in KG 1 and 2. 

The English Modern School Doha adopts belonging as a central pillar of its mission. The English Modern School Doha is, “A Place Where We Belong.” We are a community of expansive and challenging ambition. A place where you might come as you are and feel welcomed and accepted. A place where you might embrace the culture, ethos and expectations of this community and become all that you might be. The English Modern School Doha is a place where we all belong and we all grow – staff and students. Students are encouraged to enjoy their time in our classrooms, on our sports fields and playgrounds, our gymnasiums, laboratories, swimming pool and our shared cyberspace. They are encouraged to share their interests, indeed their passions, with their teachers and fellow students. They are encouraged to forge a sense of affiliation and attachment, to extend to others a sense of inclusion, so all might feel accepted and feel that they truly belong.

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5 Reviews of The English Modern School Doha (EMS)

Average Ratings

Overall 2.50
Facilities 1.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 4.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 2.00

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Qatari (1)

How would you rate The English Modern School Doha (EMS)?

Anon, 15/02/2022 @ 19:24:37
Relationship   Ex Pupil

Music & Arts

For 30 years this school hasn't changed any facilities whatsoever and so far many people left because of it

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Cham Nwelaty, a week ago

I used to go to this school when i was younger, about 6 years ago before i moved to America:( I loved and missed my teachers and friends. I did get picked on a bit but that didn’t bother me at the time. Hopefully that has changed now! It’s a good school for education though! I know it has been a while but I can still remember. They teach English and Arabic so it can help for the future if you do move to America. Thanks for all the memories I made when I was little, I was truly happy.

Google logoRating: 

Eida Al-Dosari, 11 months ago

I love the school I have been since I was three years old and now I’m nine I’m so excited to start going back to school.i’m just saying you should try the school it’s like the best school in the world they have nice teachers nice principles and if you need help just call a friend

Google logoRating: 

Mr Haider, 8 months ago

I have worked at this school for a half a year but had to return due to personal reasons. However, I can 100% recommend this school for any teacher looking to work in Qatar. The SLT (admin) are amazing, understanding and helpful. In particular Mr Jaco. He provided support throughout my time there. Also Mr Darren provided quite a lot of support a person that was willing to listen and have a conversation a morale booster for sure. The science team were fantastic our Head of Department Ms Shejila ran an efficient team and was always available to answer questions. Watch out for Mr Lawrence the physics teacher you will instantly fall in love with his warm, kind and caring personality. Very helpful in providing support and material for physics I will have to mention Ms Rekha an asset to the team. Very highly organized and kept informing me of key dates to watch out for and an amazing teacher to be working alongside with in terms of planning of chemistry. Finally, I would like to mention the Science Technicians Ms Lina and Ms Khescen. I ordered a lot of practical equipment during the last week of the January mid term and they delivered everything and laid everything out in an amazing way. They also collected on time. The practical activities would have been impossible without them. In short EMS is true to its strap line "a place where we belong" I would highly recommend this place to anyone that wishes to work there. All of the science team and the teacher beyond the science team were welcoming. The students, in my experience were very well behaved and studios very keen to learn as well as being polite. They will be missed.

Google logoRating: 

khalid abandeh, in the last week

Arrogant and biased staff. They care only about Qatari students. I do not recommend this school at all. The teachers from asian origins afraid from Qatari students which affect other students. Discrimination at its best!!!

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