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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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Taylor's Education Group is Malaysia's premier private education group that owns and operates Taylor's University - one of Malaysia's oldest, most successful and reputable private education institution, Taylor's College - a centre of excellence in Pre-University Studies, Taylor's Schools – the parent organization of some of the largest and most successful international schools in Malaysia and Singapore; and British University of Vietnam - The first and only International University in Vietnam dedicated to offering Honours British degrees.





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56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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Dr Faizal, a month ago

I love this campus. It's compact design where everything is accessible by walking. The lake is nice. Having a meal at the restaurant facing the lake gives calm and romantic atmosphere. I have no parking or traffic problem because I use motorcycle. Been working here for 7 years and still in love with this campus.


Sultanified, 2 months ago

In terms of education, the lecturers are very professional and student services are top notch. However, the facilities are just above average. There is not enough facilities right now especially when the entire college is relocated into this campus. Parking was a troublesome thing but after recent upgrades, there are plenty of parking. Best part about Taylor's are the environment, atmosphere, events, lifestyle, ducks, geese and dogs.


Kaniel Outis, 3 weeks ago

Yes indeed it is an expensive university, but remember you get what you pay for. Medicine is the most expensive and then I believe it’s followed by engineering and business, if you happen to be talented you might as well try to obtain a scholarship. The student welfare cares for students not as some people mentioned as being ignored, they’ll answer you instantly on working days or in some cases there’s a period for answering given based on your requests. I’m an international student and I requested for a counselor who got in touch with me instantly and helped me through my application. There are no hidden fees. Fees for international students are a bit more expensive because most of the extra money is for immigration services and the some is a deposit which almost every university in the world has for international students. The university has a lot of events that may distract you but you can always stay at the library or your dorm. In general the campus/facilities are modern and luxurious with plenty of famous cafés, again you get what you pay for. For your information, although medicine is the most expensive course at Taylor’s, if you compare to other universities it’s actually relatively cheaper. Rest of the reviews are old and I’m pretty sure Taylor’s have read most of the reviews and managed to fix all the mistakes wether it’s in the staff, facilities or management.


DinoKing26, a month ago

Large campus,nice view of the lake and stunning public displayed projects. However i can say that the place is awkwardly designed, some areas are modernly designed, with multiple colors, but some are under-developed, having just full grey wallsa and floors. The addituonally have nets just placed outside the buildings. The inside of the campus is a sight for sore eyes. Education wise, i believe they have many facilities and many excelling students.The fees are,as introduced, cheaper than most other private colleges.

56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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