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Taipei American School is a vibrant 21st century learning community, where academic excellence and adaptability combine. Founded in 1949, Taipei American School is a large independent school, one of Asia's top college preparatory independent schools, offering an American-based education with a truly global perspective. We offer both AP and IB courses for our students, allowing our learners to personalize their courses to their learning goals.

Our flourishing campus, located in a northern suburb of Taipei called Tianmu, houses all three of our divisions - Lower, Middle, and Upper School - so that our students can learn, grow, create, and dream in the same inspirational space. Our students are known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, a deep commitment to the creative arts, and a passion for all things STEAM.

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American, IB

Primary Language



4 to 18

Max Class Size


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5 Reviews of Taipei American School

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Chad Hauser, a year ago

I was only there for a weekend track meet, but the track and facilities were awesome. The staff that was there were all very helpful and knowledgable. The location is excellent also. I thought the kids acted very respectfully and they had a top notch track team!

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Justin Chen, 6 months ago

So much fun and food here in TAS food fair.

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Erin Mukri, 3 months ago

Great place to work! Amazing community.

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TAS Grade 6 Critics Corner, 5 months ago

I still remember the day I came to TAS. I was still small and I didn’t want to come to school. At first, the teachers let us go to the playground and play, but I didn’t have any friends! I was sad. I sat on the bench that was the nearest to me until two people asked me to play with them! Before I came here, I always thought that school was a horrible place. Now, I had nice friends and teachers, I loved this school! Attending TAS not only would make your life as a student more enjoyable, but also makes you smarter. One of the benefits of TAS is you get teachers that are nice & wonderful & amazing! Not only do we get great and lovely and awesome teachers, but we also learn interesting & cool content during classes. Last but not least, the FOOD! Guess what? The food in the cafeteria has so many varieties! Well, if you want to be in a classroom with funny and nice teachers, then TAS is the one and only place for you. Additional Review: Have you ever been to TAS? You definitely need to study there! Why? Because it is absolutely fantastic! And it can definitely tick those boxes in your wishing list! The snack bar privilege is awesome, the teachers and the classes are extraordinary, and I can’t even wait to join those after school activities. Did you eat breakfast? Cuz you definitely need to save some stomachs for the yummy food in the snack bar! Nobody would ever go to a school without good teachers, so people will want to learn with good educative people. To conclude, I strongly suggest you study here or at least take a look at how awesome this is. I love this school and the teachers in the school! Additional review: To spend hours in a school can make you want to go tho sleep. But this school is different. It’s not only a friendly school, it is also a fun school. Taipei American School teaches you to have fun, teaches you new language, and teaches you to be a better person. The Playground here is fantastic. If you want to chill, there is places for you, if you want to play basketball or other sports, there is space for you. It’s like heaven! Learning a new language is hard, isn’t it? But somehow I think that learning from beginners to advance is easier. Instead of sitting in your spot and not moving, you can play games. These games help you get your skills up like an escalator fast and easy. From my experiment, I think that learning makes you hungry. That’s when you think of food. The food in Taipei American School has lots of choices. There is a salad bar, serving bar, pizza bar, and snack bar. Overall, I think that this is a perfect school for every student in the world!

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Micah Sawatzky, a month ago

Pretty good school, though there are still some cons of every school. Still would recommend going to Morrison Academy (BEST SCHOOL EVER!)

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