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Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS) is located in the beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods of Yang Ming Shan.  Our campus is surrounded by trees and quiet roads, in fact even our campus itself is full of trees and gardens and outdoor play area for our students.  Many parents have told us that they had heard from others that we are known as a school in the trees (森林小學).

TAAS specializes in an individualized holistic American-style instruction in a way not possible in a larger school setting. Not only is learning benefited, but social development is also enhanced in a smaller, family-type setting. Children in small school situations become more independent and do better academically because of a lower student/teacher ratio.

Because of the western-style education, students are encouraged to take responsibilities for their own learning apart from the pressures of the teacher or other authorities. Students learn how to act independently, act cooperatively, and love learning.

We are part of the largest Protestant educational system in the world, and our faculty and staff continue the system-wide educational tradition of encouraging and nurturing children to develop and perform at their highest potential. Christian morals and values are another integral part of our education system. Integrity, honesty, respect for others, and responsibility are cultivated.  We believe that all people have the ability to grow in character.  Our system is developed to produce highly intelligent children with traits such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

TAAS also offers English as a Second Language classes.  There are two different levels of instruction, ESL pull-out and ESL homeroom.  ESL pull-out is for students who need mild English support outside the classroom to develop and focus on their academic English needs.  ESL homeroom is designed for international and internationally minded students who would not otherwise be accepted into a normal grade level homeroom.  These students will focus full time on their academic English in all subjects in order to meet the needs of an American curriculum classroom.  There is very limited space for our ESL homeroom class.

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6 Reviews of Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS)

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Overall 4.10
Facilities 5.00
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Gary, 22/09/2022 @ 12:57:48
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Loving and caring environment with quality education

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Michael Berglund, a year ago

My daughter attended here for grade 5 and 6. The only reason it was not longer is because she moved back to South Carolina. Small classes, good teachers, caring atmosphere. Education is what the student wants it to be. TAAS combines good education with the promotion of developing good character.

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Serena Heng, 2 years ago

There are very nice.

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Krisjen, a year ago

Some teachers give a lot of homework but my classmates are entertaining

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넌 뭐야, a year ago

This school is the worst school in Taipei. It’s your choice to study there, but I will suggest you to go to another school. Few of my friends got suspensions because they didn’t clean their iPads, and some teachers want students to get in trouble.

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Kimberly Heng, a year ago

One of the worse schools in Taiwan. Avoid going to this school. Teachers are very unreasonable with student for the small things we, students, do. As students, it’s normal for us to make mistakes. Teacher should give us the right amount of punishment, instead, teachers are just throwing in suspension for everything. This school will force you to love Christianity, especially Adventist, because of this students just hate Christianity . Everything is being forced upon you, like how you must pray, you must not eat meat. A lot of the students are forced to believe in Christianity or are shamed for believing in another religion. 0/10 for your basic human rights. It's really ridiculous on how the school works. Teacher don’t finish half of what u are supposed to be taught throughout the whole school year. The school isn’t structured well at all. Unsafe and isn’t allowing students to be at their fullest potential. Every subject isn’t appropriate for the grades, it’s always a few grades lower. Please just don’t go to this school, no matter what, your child will not be happy being in the small, unsafe, unaccepting school.

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