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Stockholm International School (SIS) is the longest established and most prestigious international school in Stockholm. For over 60 years we have been developing educational excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity in decisively international students. We are a K-12 day school with English as the language of instruction.

As a not-profit foundation we are governed by a Board of Trustees. Stockholm International School is the premier educational choice of the globally mobile diplomatic, business and research community in Stockholm. Being the only school in Sweden with over 80% of international students and international teaching staff, we are the clear choice for parents who wish their children to be ready for any educational and life challenge anywhere in the world.

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5 Reviews of Stockholm International School (SIS)

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Overall 4.13
Facilities 5.00
Academics 5.00
Teachers 5.00
Sports 5.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 5.00

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Anonymous Teacher, 04/07/2020 @ 21:22:30
Relationship   Teacher

Music & Arts

A wonderful school to work at, with fantastic international colleagues and lovely students who inspire me every day. Nothing is ever perfect, but it is the best working place I have ever had in my long life.

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Karolina Jaremko, in the last week

This school is a very good school, compared to others, we get good food and the teachers are amazing, the safety in thins school, is highly recommended for other school ( cameras everywhere and when I would do a project outside guards would join us) we do get a good curriculum and the grading is well done. I love all this about this school but all good things has a negative side, which is the students. Some are thought well manners and some are real jerks, but that’s not the school’s fault.

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M Pettersson, 5 months ago

One of Stockholm’s only, truly international schools.

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anonymous SIS student, a week ago

As an MYP student at SIS, I have mixed feelings about this school. On one hand, we do have certain teachers that genuinely try their hardest to help us succeed and meet the curriculum’s requirements. The school is very much international and open-minded and follows the IB curriculum to the fullest extent. On the other hand, every other aspect of this school is utterly unworthy of the high tuition we pay each term. The buildings are too small to hold the large number of students — the library in the second building was renovated into another classroom and lockers are squeezed into any spare corner they can find. Even though they expect higher MYP students to study an excessive number of hours outside of class, there are no available study spaces and the school itself closes at 17:00 every day. Although most classes teach us valuable content, others — such as Design — teach us nothing of value and still have the potential to prohibit our advancement to the DP. The administration likes to do this thing called not existing and the overall organization leaves much to be desired. Sometimes our teachers don’t show up to class and we don’t even get substitutes. The grades we receive are often based on bias on the teacher’s part. We do get nice MacBook computers, however — except that most functions on them are blocked and it’s impossible to do things as simple as just updating the software without receiving special permission from the Tech Bar people, who say that they will show up two hours a day, but what power do words have when you can just lie? Students in higher grades are stressed out of our minds due to all of the tests and projects being due the same three weeks, but there’s little to help us with that. We have a nurse, or at least I think we do, she’s just never at school. Our counselor tells personal information about students to other students, even though that is a very illegal thing to do. Overall, it’s a very problematic learning environment. I believe it has the potential to be amazing — especially with such good teachers (most of the time) and a strong curriculum — but the building situation and student resources leaves much to be desired. School spirit is nonexistent and the only thing keeping the student body together is the frail sense of unity forged through months or even years of having to deal with the same basic issues every day.

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Adora LÖVBRAND, a month ago

This is the worst school I've ever been to. The teachers don't care about you at all. It's way to complicated, the website Managebac does not even work. Ever since i started here I've wanted to leave. I'm scared to go to school every day. On the weekends i should be happy and have fun, but now i'm just sad all the time, knowing that i will have to go back to school on monday. I don't think this school deserves even one star, but i had to put one star if i wanted to post this review.

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