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Stamford American School Hong Kong offers an inspiring world of education for students aged 5 to 18 using an inquiry-based learning approach combined with rigorous American academic standards. Graduates receive an American diploma and the option of the IB Diploma*, both offering access to top universities worldwide.

To prepare children for the future, starting from the age of 5, our pioneering STEMinn program (science, technology, engineering, math and innovation) develops critical skills needed for the 21st century by combining innovative projects with the latest technology. In addition to core subjects, our broad and balanced curriculum includes athletics, the arts, and a daily world language program (Mandarin or Spanish) or a bilingual option (Mandarin/English) in lower elementary. Stamford American School Hong Kong offer a wide variety of after-school programs so every child can pursue their passion and interests.





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45 other schools in Hong Kong

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Hoi-Tik (Heidi) Fan, 4 months ago

Very interesting school have good education


cwk mos, 4 weeks ago

The premise was former New Method College Kowloon.


Illumalol, in the last week

Absolutely not promising, they promised an snack shop but now what? nothing happened, some teacher are completely unfair. Don't listen to the good comments, they are just staffs commenting the school,its FAKE


Tüve Kerlando, in the last week

Are all the 5-star comments hired by the school?


Dan E., 7 months ago

Well...I won't generalise but will tell you actual incidents of what happened in this school. 1. One time in class, all the students got really bored and some even fell asleep. A student ("Student A") there, probably feeling bored too, secretly opened his electronic device and played games. Even though the teacher went by him and saw him playing, he/she still (pretended as if he/she) didn't care and continued to teach. But when another classmate ("Student B") opened his device and was about to play games, the teacher's eye arbitrarily became like an eye of a hawk. As fast as...or even faster than the speed of light, he/she forced "Student B" to get up and intimidated him in front of the whole class. Now my question is: why does the teacher not care when "Student A" plays but immediately notices when "Student B" plays? Weird logic. 2. There's this student who's absolutely nuts. He/she hits people randomly, always swears, and basically is a burden to everyone. He/she even went to the detention 4 -- FOUR times! But he/she's still not out of the school. Why? I could tell you more but the better thing to do is to see the Google Review of the SAIS Singapore which basically can be applied to this campus. But yea, I don't know, if all this doesn't matter to you then go ahead, ignore what I just said and trust those counterfeit this-school-is-awesome reviews.

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