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St Dominic’s International School is an inclusive school, providing an exceptional level of academic, social and emotional care to our students of over forty nationalities. We recognise and value the differing academic abilities of students, which are met through the three academic programmes of the International Baccalaureate. This, together with the diversity of our sporting and artistic heritage, enables each student to thrive in his or her own field of excellence. has a proud tradition of being a supportive and caring community that delivers outstanding educational opportunities.

Your child’s academic progress is kept foremost in our minds and our committed staff display enthusiasm, dedication and high level teaching skills. We constantly strive to create an environment in which every student is supported to achieve the highest levels of success. St Dominic’s International School creates personalized programs to support students with learning difficulties and for students who are new to the English language. Students with special gifts and talents are challenged and encouraged by our experienced teachers to achieve their full potential.





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25 other schools in Lisbon

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Mr D, 24/11/2019 @ 20:37:55

Like all things in life a business, school or family is reflected by leadership and this helps create the top down culture. This school is horrendous it lets down pupils, staff and the community it is meant to serve due to the very low standards and good care practices that the school management team fail to follow and develop responsibly as the motivation of the school is all wrong. The school is co owned by an ex banker and a businesswoman who have cashed in on the rush of overseas expats currently pouring into Lisbon and Cascais. They promote the school as an IB school with high standards, well i can tell you from direct experience they charge the same fees as award wining well managed schools like IPS or St. Julien's yet deliver a totally sub standard product, from inferior school resources to the salaries the teachers are paid to the general up keep of the school. The morale of most of the teaching staff is low, many parents experience this school when new arrivals and quickly move when they get places at alternative schools. There is a history of children being neglected, bullied and solutions not resolved, children having bad accidents and not being treated properly and even some cases of the children managing to slip through the defective security system. My advice visit the competition then you will fully understand the reality and why they have waiting lists and St Dominic's does not and is the easiest Int. school to gain entry to in Cascais and Lisbon.

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Annie Kroeber , 14/11/2019 @ 15:06:13

A school that has no academic leadership and run poorly as a profit based business for its owners. Academic results are terrible and there is zero discipline or behavioral policy within the school

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Lm C, a month ago

just writing to say I am flabbergasted by some bad reviews left here. Is the school perfect ? No Does it deserve one star ? No The school have already started a major overhaul of their installations in the last couple of years, have pulled out from the ground the new senior building in less than 4 months in order to be ready for September 2018/19 It might take a few more years for the school re-do to be finished but it is getting there. We also have traveled around the world and went through a bunch of international schools, here my kid in senior is thriving , very satisfied with the curriculum and would not want to go to any other international school to pass her diploma. I know the school for the last five years, in my experience St Dominic always have been trying to improve and always have done their best to address issues. More is coming and I am sure they will resolve management matters in the future.


Stefan, a month ago

Our son is at Saint Dominic's since 2 years and he is happy there. The education level is very similar to the other international schools he has been at. Some teachers are better than other, but this is normal. The results of the school seem to be within the average of international schools. A comment to the 1 * ratings: I find it very strange that nearly all of them have just one rating posted in Google, this looks like they have just been created to bring the school rating down. Please have a look yourself. Definitely 1 * is not correct or fair.


Jen L, a month ago

As a parent of two lower school children in our second year in Lisbon and their second year at St. Dominic’s, I’d like to address that there have (and, as with every school, will be) issues and/or concerns that don’t make everyone happy all of the time. That said, as parents, we weren’t happy with some things that were happening on the administrative and ownership side of things last year, but this school has wonderful teachers and both of our kids have been the happiest (both educationally and socially) at this school over any of our past 5 years in 3 countries and at 3 different international schools. The school made the mistake of overfilling with an incoming rush of foreigners to Lisbon the past year or two (as most know, there has been a major boom of foreigners moving to Lisbon the past few years), but some of the concerns of past parents (who’ve since moved their kids to different schools), have already been addressed-with more to come. With regard to class sizes, they have done a great job bringing them back down to 11-14 kids per class, which I think is fantastic! The bathrooms have been completely renovated (yay!), updates to the nursery section are great, and now if they could add a proper playground, that would be great! (As of now, the soccer pitch and blue sports court are it for kids in grades 2-5, but they do have so access to playground items that can be used and then put away during recess/breaks). This school has been around for over 100 years. I’m happy that the classrooms are air conditioned (something one of our former schools in Brazil didn’t even have which made kids and teachers miserable in the heat), and kids are comfortable with warmth in the winter as well! Overall, while I can’t speak for the middle or senior schools, our children are happy, have made some lovely friends, they’re learning, they love their teachers, and that is our biggest need for them at this stage in their lives. As a family who moves around every few years, our biggest desire is for our kids to be able to transition into their new school where they feel comfortable, where they can grow in confidence, meet and make good friends (the kids my children have encountered have been kind, fun, genuinely good kids!), and enjoy their lessons. So far the PYP Units of Inquiry they’ve had have always held their attention and made them interested in knowing more! Again, while not everyone can be happy all of the time, and while we parents have not always agreed with how things have been run or handled at times, our children are our number one concern and we feel that same care and concern from their teachers and the families of St. Dominic’s.


Raquel Maille, a month ago

If you are looking for a school that gives strong academic foundation or progress for your children, this is not the place to look. Its below average. Will children be happy here? Oh yes. A school without rules, standards and expectations - usually quite hard to find children who don't like this Can you compare this to the standards of the International Schools that all have waiting lists ? Absolutely not. There are great schools, average schools and then schools like St Dominics that are below average and below standard. But that works for some people. If you are not expecting university entrance for your children and have very low standards for them this place will work.


Martim Almeida, 3 weeks ago

St Dominic’s has for the many years lived on its past good reputation but that is fast coming to an end. It is a for profit school that is now full of locally hired teachers, many with poor English and also with no IB or international teaching experience. Some can even be questioned if they have any teaching qualification. The owners employ many family members in key positions to keep tight power. There are many stories from past teachers of poor treatment of staff and unfair labour practices relating to salaries and compensation My advices is to scratch the school off your list.

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