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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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2.4 from 5 reviews
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3 to 18 English
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Sri Utama International School Kuala Lumpur brings together a team of established and experienced individuals who provides fresh and innovative ideas as well as strategic solutions towards education management and development that enriches the value of our clients’ business.

Utama Schools has 3 campuses in Malaysia; with Kuala Lumpur being the main campus and branches campuses in Kuala Terengganu and Johor Bahru. We provide an environment that administer and promotes student’s unique development. Our campuses provide a warm and personal atmosphere that allows us to create a supportive yet personally challenging environment where every student is given equal opportunity and feels respected and valued.




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56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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Adriana Adly, a year ago

The teachers here are all nice and they care for their students very much. Asking for extra assistance from them is so easy since we all have such a strong bond. The learning environment was also great. I always had such a fun time learning. My 3 years here was well spent ☺️


bok_ choy, 8 months ago

Apparently the good teachers have left the school already so that means there will be a new batch of teachers for 2019 so idk if theyre going to be good or not. The previous teachers have left bcs their salary wasnt paid in time and it was very low. Fees are pretty high as well. But the school is good if ur independent and u just need to study alot by urself


Melati JAMIN JAMIL, 6 months ago

My teachers and classmates were nice and friendly, however, I noticed how the management here is quiet lazy and the price to get into this school is too high. I also find this school's environment is very gloomy/depressing; gray wall, concrete ground, plastic chairs, etc.


Cat Mojo, 3 months ago

Bad and Poorly managed school which I suspect is having financial difficulties. Some subjects even didn't have a teacher last year which was bad for my child who was facing a major exam. My child has since left 6 months ago but until now there's no sign of my security deposit! I deeply regret sending my child here. Steer away from this pathetic place lest you want to be ripped off.... My sympathies to the new principal hope he knows what he got into....good luck


Saiful Mohsin, 8 months ago

Bad, bad management. The staff are so under motivated and uninspired. From discussion with parents, they mentioned the staff here are underpaid and their salary being purposedly held back for few months without any reason. So don't expect excellent education for your kids here.

56 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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