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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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Ages:5 to 16 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English Max Class Size:Unknown

At Sri KL, we would like to think of ourselves as ‘The Malaysian School In English’. Our medium of instruction is predominantly English but our values are firmly Malaysian along with our culture and our food. That makes us a different sort of international school where the majority of our students are Malaysian, along with our teachers and administrators. At the same time, Sri KL is the school of choice for many expatriates who wish to embrace Malaysian culture and gain a deeper knowledge of the national language. And all are welcome. Our philosophy has always been to provide a well-rounded and complete education for our students, emphasizing strong community values and discipline whilst at the same time encouraging our students to excel academically. We’re also believers in the old adage that healthy bodies make healthy minds and our commitment to sporting and co-curricular activities reflects this belief.





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55 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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Jeninder Kaur Gill, a year ago

Teachers are wonderful. Very well run, academically and extra curricular activities. Established non-academic programmes. Dedicated teachers and management. Oldest private school in Malaysia.


Solar Flare, 6 months ago

*pumped up kicks starts playing*


Euraj Vivek, 8 months ago


Aidan Tan, a year ago


Justin W., 8 months ago

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