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Sri Dasmesh International School's underlying philosophy is ‘A school should not be a preparation for life, a school should be Life!’  – we are a school that vibrates enthusiasm, excitement and opportunity for each individual who walks through the school gates. Eager and joyful young learners are greeted with courtesy and personal care as they make their way around the school halls and walkways.

Opportunity for discovering the best in them waits at every turn, be it in their personal grooming, their language or their habits. Established in the year 2001 we are non-profit based and our fee structure is about the lowest amongst international schools in Malaysia. Effective January 2014, Sri Dasmesh International School is a full-fledged Cambridge International School offering the Cambridge curriculum, with students sitting for the IGCSE examinations (International General Certificate of Education) in Year 11.

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5 to 16

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6 Reviews of Sri Dasmesh International School

Average Ratings

Overall 2.90
Facilities 1.00
Academics 3.00
Teachers 3.00
Sports 3.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 3.00

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Malaysian (1)

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Shina, 09/07/2020 @ 04:59:11
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

There are better schools out there in Malaysia and teach with the right teaching methods for cheaper fees. My children who have studied there have got a lot of information but as they were in the school longer, their creativeness has started to disappear. My children used to love singing, dancing, drawing and other arts. And the stress levels there are unbelievable. There was once when my son got soo much of homework, he fainted and we had to take him to the hospital because he normally doesn't faint. The doctor told that they had to do an MRI scan and they found some strange results. They said that he has even more stress than my husband and i get at work. The facilities can improve but what they have to do drastic is changing the canteen. The canteen is so unhygienic and students get food poisoning annually. Students have also found dead bugs in their meal a few times. My son has found a caterpillar in his food once. Toilets should also improve. They are also into academics but i will say too much. My children have learnt a lot of unnecessary work and they don't know that. Teachers have been found to be a lot more strict and if you break a small rule = demerit. If you don't do hw on time = detention. I feel these acts to make them discipline is not really acceptable for them. Sports is ok but sometimes things become brutal and children can't handle it. And hw needs to go extinct as well as exams and writing on paper as well. We shouldn't be doing this anymore i mean we live in the 21st century. An international school is what it is for a reason. It should be different from other schools and teaching methods should be different as well. Lemme tell you something else. The school will never stop fitting more work into your like. I might consider putting my children into a different school.

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Peter Chang, a year ago

This is a school that gives its students a wholesome education including character development at its core.

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Shakil Shakil, a month ago


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Gursager Singh, a year ago

Sri Dasmesh is an amazing school that helps us become disciplined and focused leaders. This lighthouse school has a wonderful environment to learn in and the teachers there are extremely helpful and friendly.

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Jeevan Rajoo, a year ago

Amazing school for child and human development where importance are given to values and character building. Yet humble about their achievements and not commercially driven for profits.

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Basri Husin, a year ago

Sometimes local school is better than international.

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