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Shanghai, China 

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Ages:2 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:English,IB Max Class Size:Unknown

Shanghai Singapore International School was founded in 1996. The founding purpose of the school is to cultivate and educate our next generation with love. Education is the basis of Taisheng. Taisheng upholds the values of symbiosis, sharing, and harmony and adheres to the principles of human concern, environmental friendliness, government support, social effects, and economic benefits. Its educational concept advocates life-orientation, with recognising, respecting, and caring for life as the purpose of education. Only by practicing universal love can we ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired in learning will be applied in the right way to benefit people and society. We thus arrange for the students to go out of the classroom into the farm, to experience the hard work of farming and the joy of harvest, to understand that people and their environment are a community of shared destiny in the life system, and ultimately to learn to respect and love. In the past 20 years, SSIS has developed from a school with 18 students and 9 teachers to one with more than 1,400 students, hundreds of teachers and supporting staff, and great facilities. We are very fortunate to have a great team of educators with us over the years and a solid team of operations and administrative staff for the most reliable support. 





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38 other schools in Shanghai

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