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Seoul, South Korea 

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Overall: (2.5 from 4 reviews)
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Ages:4 to 18 Primary Language:English
Curriculum:American Max Class Size:Unknown

Seoul International School develops inquisitive, independent thinkers and collaborative learners, who acquire the essential knowledge necessary to be caring and creative contributors to the world around them.





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Daniel Kim, 11 months ago

Maybe you're doubting that SIS is a good school. But statistic shows. It always does. SIS is the #1 school in Korea when it comes to sending kids to prestegious universities. Still not convinced? Then don't come.


Duchess Q, 11 months ago

this school is definitely not for kids that are sensitive and shy. I like the school campus and the staffs. But let's face it. Kids aren't fitting in well. I go to the library every recess when all the kids are going out. I know you'll tell me it's my problem. But you know what? I spend time talking with my father and he gave me courage to befriend my classmates. But they just smile at me and huddle back into their own friend group. I do my best. Every freakin' time. Never works. It cut me down. Maybe things will change. And an advise. No one really goes to the school counselor on purpose. And another: make a damn map of this school if you don't want your new students to get lost and start panicking and bawling. I am a new student here and i already hate coming to school. I'm nerdy. And in this school, there's no place for nerdy kids. I give this school a three star for all the efforts put into this huge school and great-ish staffs, but two stars cut down. So nerdy kids like me and nerdy kid's parents! Heads up! Don't send your kid here if you don't want them to feel like they're not worthy in this world. Otherwise, i recommend this school cuz it's perfect for popular kids and sporty kids.


Michael Chung, 6 months ago

Love it! Wish I could go here!


The Charlie Show, 2 years ago

If I could give this school 0 stars, believe me, I would. I'm currently attending this school, and I gotta say it's been hell for me. The school's teachers and staff aren't the problem; it's mostly the students that I despise. Their idiotic, indifferent attitudes towards others is despicable and frustrating. Everyone is talking about getting into good universities and grades. Is there nothing going on in their minds beyond that? They're all so shallow, and they'll do anything to bring the other students down in order to increase their chance of getting into a university. This ranges from persistent lying about a homework assignment to widespread question leakage on a test. All these idiots attending the school think of other students as competitors. There are no real conversations, no real friendships. Do you want to know how to get depression? It's not about bullying, or hate. It's about the lack of trust and positive interaction between peers.

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