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Welcome to the Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) and thank you for your interest in our school. We encourage you to take the time to explore our website and to discover for yourself, why SVP is recognised as one of the leading schools in Asia. SVP is an independent co-educational, day school serving the international community of Bekasi and surrounding areas by providing a comprehensive education from Early Years to university preparation, from ages 3 to 18.

Our world-class learning community offers an exceptional educational experience and builds a connected, inclusive, inspiring environment for our students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. It is a vibrant, multicultural and caring community that fosters a deep sense of community wellbeing.

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3 to 18

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5 Reviews of Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP)

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Overall 2.50
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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Handri, 26/07/2022 @ 13:43:06
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

Sangat mengecewakan dalam mendiskriminasikan antara anak didik yang mempunyai saudara yang sekolah di SVP selalu diprioritaskan dalam hal fleksibilitas pemilihan jadwal sekolah dibandingkan dengan anak yang tidak punya saudara diabaikan. Seharusnya sebagai lembaga pendidikan harus berlaku adil untuk semua anak.

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Anonymous Guy, 2 years ago

As a fellow Secondary Student from SVP I would like to share my experience. I believe that SVP is an excellent place to study especially if you want to be a global minded citizen. The environment is supportive to students' academic life as students treat each other fairly and teachers try their best to accommodate their learning. Students are often engaged with not only theoretical aspects to knowledge, but also its practical applications in real life. Unlike many other schools, SVP's student social circle does not have seniority and bullying, and students across different grades socialize with one another in ease. The student-teacher relationships are often very close, which helps with the learning process. SVP is also not always about academics, as students are encouraged to join extracurriculars that cater to their interests and their talents are often showcased from our events such as the Art Fest, annual sports events, and many more. Overall, I believe that SVP is a great choice for students who wants to have an enhanced learning experience, being balanced between academic and non-academic aspects.

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rio azver, a year ago

Wah, pengalamannya berbeda dengan saya. I sent my child to SVP and they doing great. They more confident, open minded and more independent compare to other kids that went to other school. My child have an exhibition in Grade 6 and they exhibit global issue like enviroment issue. Fee compare to what? school in Bekasi? well is not apple to apple, why don't compare to school in Jakarta with same curriculum then we can say it whether worthy or not. for me it sure worthy for every sen.

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Sehat Gunadi, 2 years ago

I have had one child graduate grade 12 last year and another is in grade 9 at SVP. As a diplomat my children have attended a number of schools over their school life. What I can say is that no school is perfect every school has its own problems. However, what I appreciate about SVP is the fact that the school leaders are responsive to issues raised and action is taken. My eldest child successfully entered university in Singapore and I know his success is due to the support he received from the school. SVP really is a family and the students with the right attitude can be successful. I just read how the students from SVP gained 67th place in the World Scholars Cup - an amazing accomplishment. I also saw on social media how the students helped clean up the Kemang Pratama area on the weekend. Everyone has a different experience but when I speak to my children and when I think about our family's experience all I can say is I am glad I made the choice to send them to this school. I know my children are developing as global citizens and I know they are cared for. I also heard about the school's strategic plan - so I know the school has plans to improve itself. Both my children only have positive things to say about the school and in particular my son in Grade 9 has told me of the recent changes. So a school focused on improving is the right school for my children. Well done SVP - keep on getting better and better.

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Winfordlmil, a year ago

LOW QUALITY International Curriculum School !! Sesuai dengan marketing slogannya. "The most AFFORDABLE IB school..." Well, you'll realize what the slogan highlights, but not really worth every cents that we spent. They actually only put IB and higher price point on the fees (compared to some schools in Bekasi) as branding material and selling point, but in practice they're not reflecting the expected qualities of such school. Poorly managed, under qualified staffs, too many teacher rotations (and can happen cross-grades), stressful environment & interactions. Change of Principal doesn't really affect anything. Owner/Management do all the talk but NOT the walk! Keep holding seminars but doesn't really put those topics into practice. Really DISAPPOINTING experience with their operations, services, and quality. My children are better enrolled in other schools.

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