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Madrid, Spain 

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Founded in 1892, the SEK Educational Institution combines leadership, pedagogical innovation and 125 years of history. The SEK Educational System is based on the acquisition of knowledge through the exploration of concepts, the inquiry and the development of skills that foster critical thinking and creativity. The SEK student incorporates all the strategies that allow him, throughout his life, to be autonomous, safe and able to learn independently. The requirement of our educational system and a rigorous evaluation model for improvement, allows us to ensure the best academic performance of our students . The facilities of SEK-Santa Isabel  are flexible spaces that allow the collaboration and teamwork of students and teachers, and integrate all the necessary resources for learning.





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47 other schools in Madrid

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Tony94Topcat ., a year ago

Great school


Amparo Suarez, a year ago

Estudie a finales de los años 60, recuerdo entrar por el patio y salir por un portal a la calle , e hice la primera comunion con mis compsñeras del colegio en el año 71,me gustaria saber si existe algun tipo de archivo de esa epoca.


Juan José Cano, a year ago

Estuve en ese colegio desde preescolar hasta COU en los 80 y 90 y solo tengo buenos recuerdos y mantengo grandes amigos.


Laurelle B, a year ago

Pathetic tour of school. Foreign teacher focused on school fees instead of presenting the school, even though we had received all documentation ahead of the interview (and shared this), he insisted on detailing the fees for 10 minutes of the interview - which was ridiculous! He was also arrogant, unprepared and rude. For a supposed "prestigious" academy this was a terrible view to potential clients and not a comforting place you'd want your child involved in. The foreign teachers were also unenthusiastic when teaching students and classrooms were a tight fit. All in all i felt incredibly uncomfortable thinking about leaving my child in that environment. It was also sad that classes were taught in 100% English for a school based in Madrid, Spain. The focus on the uniform, school fees and the cafeteria seemed more prevalent instead of education, language or overall happiness of the students.


Pablo Rodriguez, 8 months ago

El peor colegio de Madrid, piensan más en el dinero que en la calidad de la educación.

47 other schools in Madrid

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