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At the Scholars International Academy (SIA) we provide a rich learning environment to unlock you child’s full potential. Scholars International Academy follows an interdisciplinary British Curriculum that educates students from 60 different nationalities. SIA has an excellent childhood development programme that helps create a strong foundation for the students which leads to higher education. Majority of our teachers are UK nationals that are highly qualified and have immense teaching experience.

Scholars International Academy is one of only 2 schools in Sharjah that is accredited by British Schools Overseas (BSO). SIA is a full member of British Schools Middle East (BSME). 

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3 to 18

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6 Reviews of Scholars International Academy (SIA)

Average Ratings

Overall 1.40
Facilities 1.00
Academics 1.00
Teachers 1.00
Sports 1.00
Music & Arts 1.00
Science & Tech 1.00

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Indian (1)

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Mohammed, 14/02/2021 @ 09:57:57
Relationship   Pupil

Music & Arts

his school sucks, I have been here since foundation 1 and they dont care about us at all they always keep us outside they never let us come back to our class in break only in the winter when it rains we are allowed to go to our class the teachers are very rude and they always change them for no reason in the middle of the term. The field trips are also very bad they made us pay 280 dirhams for motiongate and we only got to ride two rides they also made us pay 180 dirhams for IMG world and we only got one ride, the students and teachers are very racist and strict they always never help, the buses are also very bad and the bus drivers also are very bad my bus has been crashed many times and I got home very late the PE staff also are very bad they make us run 30 minutes non stop and the price is also very high. The swimming pool is also very bad, they say that they always clean it but they don't it is very dirty i have seen dead insects and there is so much sand to in the pool please don't send your child here

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Manal Salem, 4 months ago

Its a very good school i have been studying there for 3 years it has a wide variety of nationalities there are no baised teachers there was some and they got kicked. I’m Egyptian not European I don’t see any racism there I have British, Indian, Pakistan, Candian, friends. I was surprised reading other reviews talking about racism teachers are from all nationalities they respect my religion they let me pray, I consider my teachers as my friends they really help me and they are always next to me. We play football all togather with our teachers om break time. All classes are clean there is a certificate given for the cleanest class every month. Every week we ahve a theme of the week, where we try to do it e.g. last week before the holidays it was forgiveness. There are so many activities, we have a school magazine, we also have our own news channel where students participate to tell the news to the school every week, this could be for the older students only, I personally haven’t troed participating in it. We use collins books its very easy to learn but tests could get hard. When it come to education ohter reviews are saying its bad. Its so useful in my life especially science I learned so much about my body and how to get fitter and what to eat in my diet and how to treat my body not just mitochondria is the power house of the cell like other scholls would teach. Really nice school, I know the fees are a bit to much but it’s really worth it. I am in a higher grade we have less fun but if your child is young I'd really recommed this school. I really love SIA. And forgot to say there was a skiing trip to Italy,Milan for student from grade 8 to 13, juts cane back 16th of March. Just come for a school tour and you will be impressed .

Google logoRating: 

Said Akmalov, a month ago

At first i thought this school would be my pathway to success but when I moved to fifth class things got really bad teachers started shouting at me for no reason, subjects like math science and English just got too easy , Now in my home country the level of teaching is much better than in sia though the classes are a bit dirty but there are teachers that sia had not even dreamed of for example my math teacher he teaches math at sixth grade at the level of eighth grade in Dubai and the English is also the same. So now I moved on to eighth class and having fun in and out of the school so if your reading this recommend you to either choose another school to go to or to go to another country and find another school there The school was horrible In first grade there was a teacher who hit me and put me in the corner for no reason After that the classes are just garbage they tiles on the floor are worse than the ones in my school The environment in the school is just too hot in the morning you will have to wait about half an hour for the assembly to begin And the assembly is the same every day In my school every Friday we have an assembly and it is like ten minutes long So if anyone is going to this school just don’t It is hell The teachers have a bad habit of choosing favorites from every class The reception don’t answer the phones The school earns millions of dirhams for just keeping kids in jail And honestly I’m glad I’m not in that school any more

Google logoRating: 

xomara peter, 4 months ago

This school is not the best out there. They charge a lot of money just for having European teachers. The education provided is not bad but not worth the money as well. During tours, they will only show you the most appealing looking classes like the music and dance department or the art rooms and field to catch attraction to the school. This school holds lots of racism between students and teachers, my daughter has been a part of this. Teachers will give special care to students whose parents are from European countries so as to not to ruin their reputation but if you are from countries like india or pakistan whether it be the teachers or students you are not treated well. Teachers in higher grades are biased and keen on favouritism, you're child will only be treated well if he is the favourite of some teachers, but if not, they will have to face problems such as false accusations, dirty looks and so on. Students are lied to, and the school, even though they hog so much money from the students do not use it wisely for important issues. This is an expensive institution providing students with cheap facilities. Having paid so much for your child you would expect good facilities such as hygienic washrooms, well-built desks for the students and properly ventilated rooms however the school fails to provide so. The washrooms are in terrible state, but the nurses come in to ask the students about them as if they would do something about it however it's just an act, they don't act upon feedback from students. There is hardly anyone there to watch over kids while they play having caused several injuries to my daughter that has had her end up at the nurse's office regularly. And if you are a teacher at the school who also has a child in this instituition, teachers and heads treat you like you're child doesn't deserve quality education, as if the teacher working for them owes them this duty of teaching there, which is why they feel it unnecessary to resolve problems regarding the teacher's child's situation. Other fellow teachers of the student will talk rudely with the teacher's parent who works there and act with them in an unprofessional way. Selected 'favourite' students of teachers are apparently dismissed from following rules of the school and others however are scolded and looked down at for doing the same. I do not understand this injustice and why such discrimination exists. If some students are allowed to do what they want then why not others? Certain students who have done great things for this school are not given credit for just because they are not favourites of teachers. And those who are the favourites, are given appreciation for things that are minuscule. Why? I honestly despise the fact I ever had my daughter study in this school. There are way better institutions that provide quality education along with a non racist environment.

Google logoRating: 

Sreya Menon, a year ago

worst school with poor concern for the parents...high tuition fees and not even a good proper environment...dusty area around the whole school...front office people who have no answer for any of your are kept in the sun in the noon with no consideration for their health.surprise assemblies outside whether its hot or cold they don’t care..really upset with the school and their management.don’t waste your money.

Google logoRating: 

Saem W, a year ago

Not worth the the sky high fee they are charging. Poor infrastructure. Dusty area. Impossible to access during peak hours. Unhelpful staff. Parents are treated like nuisance. Poor decision makers changing rules at their whims and fancies like closing and opening time of gates. Poor communication. Only good thing is good teachers.

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