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Sayfol International School is an institution of learning where children from 60 different countries of the world are educated, whereby we endeavour to blend this international mixture of children causing a special effect of cordiality and harmony between one another in a manner so deep and sincere that once within campus of the school, we believe and consider all of us, teachers and the support staff as one united family – The SAYFOL Family.

From here the teachers and the children take pride in calling themselves ‘SAYFOLIANS’. The primary aim of SAYFOL is to offer its students a sound education of high academic standard with a strong focus on discipline and academic studies.

Sayfol International School’s exceptionally outstanding academic examination results in the Pearson Edexcel International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Examinations reflect that we remain amongst the highest achieving schools in the world.





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55 other schools in Kuala Lumpur

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MengZe Hong, 28/10/2019 @ 08:41:33

Sayfol is the best school ever!

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uz wol, a week ago

School is awesome in town. Excellent teaching skills, big playing ground, much more extra activities. Satisfied.


Anuradha Joisar, a month ago

I have been in this school for 4 years and the environment is fabulous....there is a college atmosphere starting from year7itself


Ramani Muniandy, a month ago

It's a great school


Cheep_The _Skate, 4 months ago

It's decent for a school, I guess. Some of the teachers here are really kind, some are willing to even provide extra classes for their students. As for the students, you can't be mad at them. Not everyone's the same, and not everyone comes out the way you'd expect. It's nice knowing that everyone comes from different countries with different cultures. Heck, there's even extra activities you can sign up for. Now for the cons. The school in terms of facilities is way underground. The stench from the cafeteria floors is impossible to ignore, presumably because of the famous term 'reduce, reuse and recycle'. The term in this case being the mop used to 'clean' the floors. I feel the medical aid in the school could have a tad more soundproofing, and looking at the school fees, I know it wouldn't be hard to do so. Then there's the banner that displays 'development by 2019'. Development says a swimming pool, a more organised parking lot, and a bigger basketball court with a dome. Unfortunately, Sayfol says this is concept art made via photoshop, and so does the plot of land untouched since the beginning of term 1. By 2019? You can't even make it through 3019! Then there's... certain events. Founder's day, for one. It's an assembly made specifically for the founder and no one else. You would think 'Isn't that showing respect?' It's not. There's a difference between attending an event on purpose and being forced to attend an event. Despite all the remarks I'm throwing out as a form 4 student, I would've gave this 1 star had I not been grateful I was privileged with an education. Seriously though, I feel that there's lots more room for improvement in Sayfol, and I'm not just talking about the plot of land. Speaking of which, the 2019 'development' thing? Yeah, they invested (WASTED) their money on a fountain instead of a new pool. Let that sink in. Overall, it's decent, but it's not what you'd expect from an international school. P.s: you can't read reviews and post one on how you know the school's bad based on reviews alone. Maybe you'd like to be introduced to a word called 'experience'?


Rrysrats Entertainment, 4 months ago

As a student who's been in Sayfol for 11 years, to parents, please do not send your children here. It may be cheap for a private school, but our fees compared to its features are not worth it. I have talked to a lot of parents (as I am friends with them and/or their kids) and the biggest issue I hear is the deposit. Do not pay it, Sayfol honestly doesn't care if you don't. They demand so much and in little time, and the first advice I give to parents who have already fallen in Sayfol's 'first impression' trap is do not pay the deposit. The students in secondary are friendlier (we unite with our resentment for this school) however students tend to be discriminated and bullied in the lower primary. Why are they ignoring this? This has been a problem since I was in primary as well, yet Sayfol wouldn't bat an eye. It'd hurt as a parent to see your child experiencing this, worst when the teacher is the one bullying. By name calling, physically punishing, and shaming/embarassing primary students they don't see how it affects them so much more as they are still very young and growing. The teachers nowadays seem more considerate, but the primary students are not. This may seem harsh and not as easy to accept if you aren't the students, but Sayfol sees us as assets. This is evident on their facebook page, where they use students' achievements to increase their social value. Also if you've been here in this school long enough you'll notice every sports day "we're sorry but our founder couldn't make it this year" is practically part of the speech now. Kinda like those Grab automated messages. Isn't it wonderful that our founder gives more importance to a day dedicated to him (Founders day) than a day where students who worked hard and sit in the sun all day display their performance and teamwork? Sports day. What's that about anyway? If you ask me, I wouldn't show up to an appreciation day for some guy who doesn't show up for OUR day. That aside, they were pretty bold to say they'd build a swimming pool, and they could have years ago considering they had the money and space to but instead they upgraded the office and built a second?? Fountain?? They repainted the old one by the way. Literally something nobody asked for, and I'm not even talking about the second fountain. Nobody asked for a fountain! Students get lunch detention if they show up late to school more than once. I was told the next time I'm late I'd be in lunch detention, and the next fine morning when I woke up gloriously 1 hour late I returned to my peaceful slumber. The next day I showed up nice and punctual and when someone questioned my absense the previous day I simply replied with "I woke up late, so I didn't come". Easier said AND done honestly. If the school is going to punish students for making an effort to come to school after they're late then they really need to rethink their priorities. Also the school doesn't care if you don't show up to the lunch detention and there's a terrible reason for that. Putting it simply, they only target students who follow the rules. I once asked why other students were let off of having waist length hair kept down when my barely-over-the-shoulder hair was always nagged about, and they said "because they don't follow the rules". I think that's enough said. Yet.. even then I could say more.

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