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Royal English Programme School (REPS) is a school where your children will be at the heart of all that we do. It is our vision to open the doors of possibility and provide the necessary skills for our students to become the future leaders and innovators of an ever changing international community.

Our unique bilingual programme is designed to provide each of our incredible students a diverse, multicultural and cross curricular educational experience. We offer a holistic approach to education focusing on the development of the child socially, emotionally, physically and within the classroom. REPS Ban Chang offers many exciting educational experiences in the language arts, sciences, mathematics, sports, world cultures, music, creative arts and so much more.

Cross curricular learning occurs in both Thai and English through our carefully designed language arts, science and mathematics programmes. Our dedicated and exceptional team of teachers encourage each child to learn with an open mind through exploration, problem solving, teamwork and creativity. Differentiated support is offered in both Thai and English where individual language skills can be focused on and further developed to continuously ensure the different needs of each child are met. The avenues of learning are endless at REPS Ban Chang as we challenge our students to achieve great heights.

Whether your child is ready for those first exciting days of Nursery and Kindergarten or is well on their way to becoming a future leader of Primary and Secondary, the REPS Ban Chang family is working together to ensure that each amazing child is given our full support, encouragement and commitment as they forge their way into the future.

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wendy wendy's, 5 months ago

Wow. Everything looks so impressive.

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Lina M., 4 years ago

Qualified and dedicated teachers + excellent facilities + fun and inclusive approaches to teaching + Thailand's only all-foreign management = the Eastern seaboard's best bilingual school

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Ulrich Herzog, 5 years ago

The best school I ever see in Thailand for farang kids

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Leyana&mint Brown, 2 years ago

My child, Leyana, was constantly given negative feedback from teachers at REPS because she "asked too many questions" and didn't simply fall in line as expected. Since moving to the United States, my daughter receives a much more engaging, higher quality education where she is free to express her mind, opinions, and independent thoughts that are always supported and encouraged - even if her initial ideas need to be guided in a more positive direction. REPS never did that, they expected my daughter to fall in line and question nothing, only to accept what she was told. While the school was better than the standard government school education in Thailand, she was never properly supported or encouraged to pursue ideas and opinions and that didn't simply agree with the "standard". Leyana has excelled in the American communication system, which shows us that there must have been a lack of support in true inquisitive academic development in her education at REPS and in Thailand in general. Food for thought for parents who are considering overpaying for mediocre bilingual education in Ban Chang, Thailand rather than taking their children back to a much more structured, educational program in America (or western countries in general). If you'd like to do what's best for your child and their future, I'd suggest taking them back to countries with western education standards. Since your child most likely has dual citizenship, then can always return to Thailand after earning a much higher quality education earned back in America/the West to succeed professionally in the Thai work force. REPS does not invoke critical thinking necessary for advanced development - they simply try to offer a higher tier of educational facilities compared to government facilities, which is a dog and pony show at best. My daughter studying in America now maintains her bilingual education at a much higher level intensity than she ever did at REPS. I have much respect for many teachers on staff, but having experienced a wide variety of education options in America vs. Thailand - I'm glad she had the thai experience while young, but would not invest in middle/high school courses at a place like REPS - she simply would not be prepared for the global world if she has stayed there. My best advice to foreigners - take your children back to true western education while you still can and while they are still young if you want to give them they competitive edge they will most definitely need in the future. Cheers to Grant Gibson and David Neuman - they deserve the respect - but my daughter is much better off in a highly rated school district in Denver, CO, USA - and I think other foreign parents need to be made aware of the difference.

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