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For more than 90 years, Queenwood Sydney has nurtured girls on their journey to becoming young women who are curious, generous of spirit and committed to shaping the world we live in. We balance a rigorous academic curriculum with a wide variety of activities, establishing a contemporary, liberal way of learning.

This approach to a Queenwood education creates space for our girls to engage with big ideas and connect with a diverse range of communities. In doing so, we motivate and equip these young women to make a difference in society.

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4 to 18

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6 Reviews of Queenwood

Average Ratings

Overall 2.50
Facilities 2.00
Academics 2.00
Teachers 2.00
Sports 0.50
Music & Arts 0.50
Science & Tech 2.00

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Australian (1)

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Qmum, 18/08/2020 @ 01:28:46
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

As a former student and now parent, I have only praise for Queenwood, the teachers, leadership team and values. I had an amazing experience in my 6 years in the senior school and that was prior to the school renovations, it was about the education I received and the long lasting friendships made. My daughter is also thriving at Queenwood. I was concerned about Queenwood being "too Mosman" especially as we aren't a local family but I haven't found that at all. My daughter's friends are grounded and lovely.

lil, 15/07/2020 @ 15:26:44
Relationship   Other

Music & Arts

Although the school provides excellent opportunities, the environment in which the school is placed is extremely toxic. The now principle runs the school as if it were a business and herself is extremely toxic to the students and provides an awful workplace for teaches, being extremely demotivating. Furthermore the school puts particular focus on high achievers and mainly ignores the rest of the pupils. The academics are impressive however i don't see it outweighing the terrible environment generated by the principal.

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Milani Mtotywa, 11 months ago

Hi there... I am a 15 year old girl from a dusty old town in the Eastern Cape , in South Africa

Google logoRating: 

Amelia, a month ago

Negative social environment. Not conducive to self development or learning. I know of people being bullied by students and teachers alike here. Would not recommend.

Google logoRating: 

ellie, 6 months ago

I went there for the first half of my primary school experience and absolutely hated it. The environment which the school has for students is revolting; cultivating negative behaviours such as bullying, gossiping, comparing and being mean in general. Teachers are constantly showing favouritism and picking on students for no reason. The high amount of bullying that goes on at this school is absurd, and the teachers do nothing to prevent it remotely. In this bullying, if you are not someone with an incredibly strong, obnoxious or egocentric personality, you are targeted to be mercilessly picked on. The parents are eternally being absurdly rude to each other, gossiping and forming cliches, all behaviours evident in their children also. If you want your daughter to become a mean monster of a person, by all means send them here, but if you value their well-being, steer clear of this absolutely awful school. I hope this can be helpful to anyone and everyone who reads this review. Ps; I would rate this school with no stars at the most if it possible.

Google logoRating: 

Plush HQ, a year ago

Disgusting animals. The girls that attend school here are so self centered its concerning. My daughter attended at this school for a year and received nothing but grief and the girls would constantly compare the depth of their parents pockets. The girls would never say please or thank you. They expect everything to be handed to them and they are above everyone else. My daughter now attends Cheltenham Girls High School and is loving it. Highly recommend all parents to reconsider sending their daughter to this school.

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